Seasonal allergies: Spring's sneak attack on sleep

I’m curious if anyone here has a related problem with breathing while asleep: extremely dry mouth, sinuses, throat that is the result of antihistamine/decongestants taken at bedtime. Personally, I can’t take any of my allergy meds at bedtime anymore and just opt for saline spray and little Vicks inhaler at bedside, as well as steam at bedtime. Anybody else have this problem or know any tricks for getting through the night with such dry passages?

Extremely dry mouth + throat is something I often experience. My sinuses hurt when I wake up in the morning too for about 5-6 seconds and then the pain disappears.

Chronic allergies affect millions of people around the globe, and there’s no denying the discomfort they cause. Individuals who suffer from allergies may take allergy medication from the mentioned medicines which are known to be non-drowsy.