Respironics Amara Gel Mask - Face Cushion Need Small Will Trade XS, M, L


Newbie here struggling thru mask leaks et. al.

I went thru the assistance program due to lack of means to purchase thru insurance or out of pocket. I don’t have access to a local DME to help in selection, fitment. No help with subsidized consumables and replacements either (tubing, cushions, filters etc).

I received the Respironics Amara Gel Mask w/ fitpack - this has all 4 cushions XS, S, M, and L. I only use the Small cushion. I understand this has to be replaced monthly.

My small cushion broke in 2 weeks and the mask assistance program does not provide any warranty despite Phillips agreeing that there is indeed a 90-day warranty. That is the stated upfront policy if the program.

So I am seeking unused small face cushions for the Amara Gel (It also comes in silicone - I presume that should be compatible).

I also willing to barter my ununsed XS/S/L cushions for Small. I have 2 of each.

Reply with contact info. I’m new - perhaps the forum has private messaging.


I also use the small size. However, you might consider joining and posting this request in the AWAKE group on Facebook. Maybe someone there can help.