Respiratory Overlap

I’m a newbie here, but not new to xPAP devices. I’m on ASV now. My overlap syndrome, part COPD part pre-existing Central heavy and Complex Apnea, has taken a little step forward. My ASV therapy isn’t as good as it used to be. It seems I now need a device that has time controls that can be set. My research seems to indicate I’ll need a different machine. There are several that seem to fit. ResMed makes an AirCurve ST-A with iVAPS mode, a Stellar 100 & 150 which all 3 of these match my HCPCS code E0471 BPAP with backup rate. Then there’s ResMed Astral and Respironics Trilogy ventilator with HCPCS code E0466.

Any care to share some info about the overlap syndrome and suitable machines for therapy? Thanks.

You seem to be well versed on what’s available. I go with what the doctor tells me based upon what I tell them and keep it moving. Good luck and better sleep.

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HolyMoly, SarcasticDave94,
I’m on ASV (and also a ventilator certified nurse for 12 years) and you’re talking way over my head…! With the statistics of central sleep apnea being around 1% of people with sleep apnea, good luck finding someone that knows more about it than you do! Not a lot of individuals out there with what we’ve got…

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Are you using supplemental O2 when you sleep or during the day? Does your doctor think it might help?
Are the time controls needed because of decreasing tidal volume/minute vent? In this area I’m really ignorant so this answer would add to my understanding of the difference in need between an ASV type machine and an ST-A type machine.
I can’t speak to the costs associated with the machines you list but for the Respironics Trilogy, it seems that is a rental only machine no matter how long you have it or so a friend who has one tells me.
I hope things get under better control.

I did my own ASV therapy programming over the first month’s use 2 1/2 years ago. AHI has been about 1 for that time, till now that is. I’ll just go to bat for self and get what I need. Last stay in hospital, talked with an RT, and they were SMH “you’re better at this than us, tell us your treatment needs”. :slight_smile: :coffee:

Sorry on delay, my newbie status here limits posts. No on oxygen supplement due to not dipping to 88% on testing. Good that I’m not needing, but it feels like I could use it at times.

Yes on time controls as best as my research takes me for now. This ASV has been wonderful, but it doesn’t offer time control like trigger and cycle. It’s handled automatically on my ASV via the ResMed algorithm, which again is capable until my COPD unique breathing rate kicks in like it’s been lately.

We’ll see what my near future holds, if my Disability benefits are approved, I’ll go machine shopping. It’s that important to have the right machine.

Interesting. I started using supplemental oxygen at night and it was a complete game changer. I haven’t felt so well in 10 years and feel like I breath better during the day as well. I suspect that I have Central Sleep Apnea as I tend to be a lazy breather even during the day.