ResMed Worn out

The last two nights my apnea events have gone from a high of 9 per hour during the past three years to 17 and 14…

I not sure what caused this but my cpap machine, a resmed airsense 10, is six years old and I think might be time to replace it.
What do you think is the cause for the higher apnea events?

While it’s possible your machine is getting old, which would be indicative of it’s having 15K run hours, the fact remains that your machine isn’t treating your apnea very well. You say your getting about 9 events per hour; your therapy isn’t very effective. Likely one of two things: your therapy needs have changed or your machine needs to be adjusted to serve you better. Just guessing, it’s possibly both.

For reference, I have COPD and Complex Apnea. I typically have about 1 AHI with my ASV; 1 event per night for me. 5 AHI with a CPAP is medically treated.

So, how many run hours? What are your pressure settings? Which CPAP do you have (more detailed than ResMed AirSense, this is like saying Ford F150)?

My doctor wants my AHIs to be under 5 and as close to zero as possible. It could be that your physiology is changing, but two days is such a small sample. I’m usually under 3 AHI, but some nights, perhaps 3-4 times per month, I spike and hit 7-15 AHI, and I don’t know why. Could be the way I’m sleeping, and the mask has shifted, or I had a few drinks (?), or I’m breathing through my mouth. Give it a few days and maybe things will change around.

Thanks. I just had major surgery last week. Might have something to do with it. This morning it was 12.
My machine is six years old, could be that too. It’s always around 5-10, 17 just surprised me.

I ordered a new machine today, Philips dream station auto cpap with heated humidifier and tubing.
My old cpap was resmed airsense 10 with heated humidifier and tubing.
Hopefully my events will get lower.

Any number of things can cause momentary spikes in AHI. for example, stimulants like caffeine or alcohol can do it, stress or pain can do it. some spicy foods as well.
As has been suggested, a couple of days is a really short sample, if it persists for a week or so, it may be time to discuss this with your sleep doctor.
I hope the new machine works well for you.
Do you have appropriate software so that you can get your own reports every day?

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