Resmed, Fischer & Paykel, ect. better act fast

Resmed, Fischer & Paykel,ect. better act fast. There is a new " Turbo" oxy concentrator soon to be released that is light weight, portable,will do up to 20, and is commercial air craft friendly. China also has a new full face mask that is FORM FIT, and made of ruberoid material that is hypoalergeic.

Sleep meds are like poision. I have been using a supplement called 5-HTP (45mg) with some positive results. I also take magnesium (300), L-Theanine (150), and Melatonin (3). I use Valerian essential oil too. I have researched all the above.

My dosage is the lowest I can take while still getting positive results. Some take much higher dosage, but want growing room!

Medical web sites do note these, but do not push them, of course.

My Doc tells me NOT TO GO HEAVY ON SLEEP MEDS . If you have sleep apnea, it’s not a good idea too take multiple sleep assist drugs, nor herbs.You only need .01 mg melatonin for a good rem sleep, any more, and it could actually KEEP YOU AWAKE. Try a light exercise around 3:00 pm to promote an athletic deep sleep. RW

Last night was the first night I took the full tablet and today has been my first productive day in several months. I worked my way up to the full tablet. I believe we are all different and respond differently to what we take.

I never jump right in when taking anything. Even RXs meds. I find a way to half it somehow. Luckily I do not need many traditional meds. Sadly, I have not found a doctor familiar with supplements. Most just write a script.

Not in my home town! Would be nice though.

Where do you live? Most all towns have horse medicine of some kind. You may try a quart of red wine 20 min before bed time, it is a health drink. PS Skip the “quart” part, try 8oz. RW

Switching CPAP masks and going to try essential oils. Lowered head of bed too. Wine hits me like a ton of bricks! :slight_smile: Only 4 oz early in evening is all I need…

You found the answer yourself, congratulations,RW.