Resmed Autoset 10 Wheezing

This is a rant about a medical supply facility however, I won’t mention the name.
My wife and I were on a trip and the CPAP machine began wheezing on inhalation and exhalation to the point it woke me up and even though I sat the machine on the floor the next night it still disturbed both of us so we cut our trip short and headed toward home.
On the way home I decided to stop by the facility that issued the CPAP machine (it is just under 13 months old) and the receptionist asked if we had an appointment and of course, the answer was no. She then told us "the person that handled CPAP machines was in a meeting and she didn’t know when she’d be out of said meeting."
She asked if I’d like to leave the machine with her and I said yes but I have severe sleep apnea and she gave me a receipt with serial number included. (This CPAP machine is paid partially by Medicare). Any way, I left the CPAP on the 12th of Jan 2018 and here it is the 17th of Jan and I have heard no word at all from the medical supply facility.
Isn’t that the worst customer service one could think of? Luckily I had another CPAP machine that works well and I’m not in any danger and am not suffering but what it I didn’t have the extra CPAP machine? I would never recommend this medical supply facility in Oklahoma City under any circumstances, they never return hone calls nor do they assist one with their CPAP machines. Once they issue a CPAP machine and you’re out the door, they are through with you!
Grrrrrrrr! Thank you for reading, I feel all better now.

It’s nice to let out your rage and negative energy :slight_smile:

Most customer service reps are afraid of losing their job and that’s it. Such a shame. Hope you’re okay now

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Well, I’m really not in a rage, it has been over a month and I haven’t heard one iota from the supplier in Oklahoma Cirty since I dropped off my CPAP for repair/replacement. I contacted Optigen and they want to issue me another machine and go through all the paperwork -sleep study, doctor’s notes etc but I am not willing to allow them to gouge Medicare and my insurance company for another CPAP. i turned the defective one in and they (someone) removed my machine from Resmed/myair and now the also want the DN number on the machine to issue another because they cant get to the compliance graph without that info.
I did call the local supplier that issued my machine and of course the CPAP “Specialist” was out until next Tuesday so I’ll return a call then. They took my CPAP machine and now know nothing like Sgt Schultz.

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Wishing you good luck in your dilemma @John6185 . Sorry you had the experience :frowning:

Thanks Mom T! I’m going to ask fro my CPAP machine back this Tuesday and see what they do, I’ve never seen such blatant disregard for patients from an organization and I’ve been in the medical field for nigh on to 35 years.

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I called the medical supply company this AM and the “CPAP Specialist” wasn’t in so they took my number and said she’d call me. It’s now after 5 PM and no call. An office affiliated with them said that I would have to “Recertify” compliance and go thru a titration sturdy and send doctor’s notes and the study plus an Rx for another CPAP machine and then go thru another 12-13 months until the machine is mine under Medicare rules. Im a veteran and I think I’ll drop the entire thing and let the VA issue me a CPAP machine. Evidently the company cares more for itself than customers. The employees are destroying that company because they don’t care. Their reviews are deplorable. I do not recommend that company under any circumstances.

I’m so sorry, @John6185. I am putting on my thinking cap with some colleagues, doing some research on it. I cannot promise a solution but will try my best to see what can be done. I hate that you are going through this!!!

Report them to Medicare & ask them to launch an investigation for fraud, as it seems there only in the business to gouge patients. Be sure to notify your sleep apnea doctor, too, as they usually have favorite DME (durable medical equipment) vendors they like to work with. Report them to your local Medical Society chapter so they can put the word out to other doctors in the chapter. Lastly, go to the medical supply company in person & demand your equipment back. If they don’t cooperate, call the police to assist you in recovering your property. If they still persist with their unethical performance & won’t give you back your property, your only recourse may be to get an attorney to write a demand letter, which gives them a very short window of time in which they have to meet your demands & if they don’t comply, your attorney will know what to do next. Be sure to document every single interaction you have with this company, including dates, time, method of contact & name of the person you talked to & what exactly they told you, & get the name of the person who is their CPAP person & call them on the dot if they haven’t called you back by the time you were told they would call you. But, truthfully, I wouldn’t waste my time pussyfooting with this DME any longer. Give them 24 hours notice that you will be picking up your machine, no matter if the “CPAP person” (which it seems to me that they really don’t have such a person & only act as a very uninterested supplier who is unable to provide service at all). After you retrieve your equipment, go to another more reputable DME (Medicare should be able to assist you with names of companies that they have done business with in your area). Lastly, report the company to the local Better Business Bureau & to your state Attorney General (they do like to investigate fraudulent companies), your District Attorney & your VA office if they’re the ones who sent you to this DME, supplying them with your detailed notes (you can retrieve your phone records with the exact dates & times you made calls previously from your service provider so long as you weren’t using a LAN line). Good luck; I just wouldn’t put up with this any longer.