Resmed Airfit F39 Mask & MyAir App Results

I have been trying out different masks lately due to each one causing nasal or facial irritation. I do prefer the nasal pillow masks, but even an XS nasal pillow is too big for my nostrils & leaves me with a bloody nose due to pressure ulcers (& these masks have been fitted by my sleep specialist). The latest one I’ve tried is the Airfit F30, but even though it fits well & I like it, I’m getting a high number of AHIs recorded each night & an “Unhappy Face” emoji on my machine in the morning. I have set the machine’s setting to reflect nasal “mask” instead of “pillows” even though this particular mask is neither. The mask covers my mouth & the nasal part fits right under my nose & blows air up my nose. It is not a full facial mask, nor does it have nasal pillows that fit up the nose.

My question is: has anybody else had this same experience with this particular mask & if so, were there any steps you took that remedied the situation that yielded acceptable results App-wise?

I’m also wondering if this particular mask is one that Resmed didn’t factor in the way it’s made to fit in regard to being able to interface with the NyAir App? I would have thought that since both are Resmed products they would have factored in that the air you breathe in is not in a closed mask & is being shot up your nose by air pressure, but not in a mask or nasal pillow, so air can leak any which way it can. The air you exhale also isn’t being captured in a mask or through a nasal pillow, so that air is being exhausted freely into the air, too.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. I do intend to try another type of mask next, but my history is that I can wear a mask for a couple of nights before having to switch off to another type of mask due to irritation & nasal/face ulcers. There just doesn’t seem to be a mask that exists that’s an excellent choice for me.

This should read Resmed Airfit F30, not 39. I corrected before posting & yet it shows up with this error.

The mask is categorized as “full face” (i.e., the “F” designation in F30) so try setting your machine accordingly to see if you have better results.