Requesting your participation in a student project

Dear ASAA members,

I am a business student taking a product design and development course at North Carolina State University. My group project is about designing the best CPAP device solution to enhance CPAP users’ sleep apnea therapy experience. My classmates and I are interested in hearing from you all so we can better understand the needs and challenges as we work to develop a viable solution. We would greatly appreciate it if you could take the time to participate in our survey and/or share it with the people you know.

You can access the survey via Google form using the link below. This is completely anonymous.

Thank you in advance for your participation and help.

Thanks for asking us!

FYI to others, the survey is clear, concise, and easy to complete.

Please share the results here also.

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Hello, I want to participate in your survey but can’t create a Google account because I do not receive texts (part of the process in signing up for Google) - can you email the survey to me take and return??? Thank you -

Hi, I want to participate too. :slight_smile:

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