Remember getting your #CPAP and being frustrated?

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I got my BiPap almost 2 years ago and I’m still frustrated. The doctors, the suppliers, the manufacturers of the machines and the suppliers for them should be held liable for malpractice. Only because being ignorant in a public place isn’t a liable offense. I have a simple question or what should be simple for anybody peddling these “miracle” machines. Nobody has an answer so I will see if somebody on this forum knows the answer.

I have a DreamStation BiPap Pro that I use with an oxygen concentrator. I use a ResMed F20 AirTouch mask. My settings are 9/15 and my DreamStation has a setting for mask type. What choice do I use and why? What happens if I pick a setting that isn’t right, what does it do? Being a consumer who relies on this BiPap to keep me alive, to actually breath for me, shouldn’t somebody from the doctor to the healthcare supplier to the manufacturer of the BiPap or the mask know the answer? If it doesn’t matter, why is it on the machine and what does it do?

I am sorry that you haven’t received any help or guidance with this issue. I just want to clarify, when you say what setting you should use, you are referring to the different mask settings, or your pressure setting?

There is a setting for mask type in setup. The choices are from x1 to x5. I asked Dr. Google and he said the setting should be on the package for the mask. Well, it tells me that a lot of things and I’m starting to think Dr. Google is a quack. The # for the type isn’t on there anywhere, not even in the brochure in the package but I didn’t really think I would find it. I don’t know what it does so I have no way to try to guess which it should be.

This peer mentor thing is a great idea. I hope a lot of people would join this as it would really be of big help.