It has been about 8 years since I was first tested for sleep apnea. How often should one get retested?

Hi, I am going to assume you are on therapy like a PAP for a second. It is now a question for your doctor. The newish PAPs are equipped with algorithms that can tell you how well you are doing on the therapy. This information is generally presented to the sleep doctor and they tell you if it is working. You can also pull data off the PAP using open source software, if that what you want to do. Most general PAP machines are auto-PAP and they adjust the pressure for your situation as it might change over the years. If you have a CPAP (constant pressure) where the pressure is set and never changes, then you need to be more diligent about checking in with your doctor to be prescribed the right therapy pressures. Apnea gets worse over time so, checking in is smart. Now, let us assume you are not on PAP therapy and the last test said you did not need therapy. If you suspect otherwise, you have to see a doctor to rule it out. Especially if it runs in the family.Like I said, it generally worsens with age and also with weight gain. If you feel like it is time, then check with the doctor. That’s not the same as getting a test, which is the next step if needed.

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