Range of CPAP Pressure : CPAP VS APAP

I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and began CPAP in December 2018. I did a home study and then an overnight in a sleep center.

I use a Philips Dreamstation with a heated humidifier and tubing, silicone head mask with nasal cushion, and a chin strap. Air setting 6; humidity 3. I use the Philips DreamMapper app to track the AHI’s.

Sleep quality improved dramatically using the CPAP. No snoring or gasping; literally awake feeling rested and refreshed for the first time in my life. AHI’s stay below 5 generally.

In March 2019, I had partial knee replacement surgery and in May 2019, I had shoulder rotator cuff repair surgery. The anesthesia during the surgery and the pain medications after seemed to affect my AHI’s. I think a major factor also is that I have had to sleep on my back since both surgeries, which gives me higher readings than when I sleep on my side. Note: I was told that unless my AHI’s were sustained at 15 or higher during the recovery, I should not worry.

I do believe that medications affect my AHI’s.

I started tracking a correlation. I also noted that what foods I ate from dinner to bedtime also affected my AHI’s. And now I am experimenting with taking some an hour or more before bedtime. Still tracking both meds and foods, as well as the timing.

I take Celebrex and Tylenol now. Have stopped stronger meds.
Sugar in any form or food (even fruit) is the food that seems to most negatively affect my sleep quality.

Update: I checked w my CPAP supplier and Medicare compliance rep and learned that my device can be set for a range of pressures. So I am meeting w my doctor next week to discuss changing my static pressure to a range.
If anyone uses a range, please share your experiences with that.

Hi Louise, I have been using a Dreamstation with humidifier for the last 14 months, but my machine is a bipap, which blows two different pressures timed to my average breath times. It blows air in at a level of 12 when I am inhaling, and in at a level of 8 when I am exhaling. It is very comfortable because if I don’t breathe, it delivers a breath, and I breathe comfortably. It also takes away the effort of exhaling. Not sure what you mean by a range.

Definitely agree meds affect AHIs, as does food (my rule is no eating after 9pm) and alcohol. For me, it is not only the types of food I eat, but the quantity also. A fuller stomach = less room to breathe. My AHIs are usually under 5, but sometimes spike as high as 23.0.

Thanks! I will ask about the bipap also.
Here’s a link that explains the differences:

Wow thank you for sharing your journey with us.

Saw my dr today. She wants me to have my machine checked/serviced, and if it is working correctly, she is going to order another titration sleep study to see what is causing the change, and if Bi-Pap would be better.
As an aside, the DME company I got it from said they do not actually “service” machines, but they have you bring it in and they check it (and the heated hose, etc), on you.
Has anyone had a machine “checked”?