Putting down those electronic devices before bed challenge

OK …been hitting the thrift stores, used book stores for interesting books. I have had the night view on almost 24/7. I understand that it will still emit that sleep disturbing light.

I wonder how many truly feel an effect to this practice of using our devices right up to their sleep time. I know I did, hence the used books! I choose stories with happy endings. Was reading a Jack Reacher mystery by Lee Child and could not put it down, so no more heavy duty stories.

I have found the Word Search books help too. These prevent those annoying thoughts from sneaking in. I also use an app called Insight Timer for meditation.

OK…what are your favorite ways to settle down at night…that is not an electronic device.


I listen to podcasts with the nightshift feature on.


Great topic! As someone who really does use electronics way too much before bedtime (but using NightShift!), I really do need to try some other ideas! One thing I have started to do recently is listen to calming music. Also, I have tried a website called brain.fm with some interesting “sleep” music.


I like Thetamusic, I downloaded the larger one I used on the Insight Timer meditation app. http://www.thetamusic.org

Another I discovered on Insight Timer was by Moby, a musician who has insomnia. Title is Long Ambients. I got his sleep sound album from iTunes. Link will not work, removed it

Then I love my MP3 of gently falling rain. Don’t lave the link for that at the moment. I put them on repeat during the night…QUESTION! Even if this is played very low, can music mess up the quality of our sleep?

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Our cable company offers Music Choice and I listen to the “Soundscapes” channel. Lovely, soft music with an occasional bird singing or a babbling brook. It is an instant sleep tonic! What’s more, setting the TV to turn off after a while is always an option.


all great suggestions…keep them coming

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Zarb, probably best way to answer your question is that there are individual differences! Some folks who are lighter sleepers might be slightly more aroused when waking at night when the music is on. For others, the soothing nature of the music might be exactly what is needed to be sure those natural arousals that occur for all of us during the night don’t develop into full blown awakenings. There is an art and a science to everything!


I’ve always been one of those lucky ones that doesn’t have a hard time falling asleep or sleeping deeply. I’m okay falling asleep to TV or music. Any bouts of insomnia are usually in the middle of the night and related to anxiety, a cold or caffeine too late in the day with project. One of the keys is going to another room rather than tossing and turning. For some reason, Harry Shearer’s le show has always been a good sleep aid. It’s the only thing that lets me sleep on a plane and I hate sleeping on planes.

Cstep is absolutely on target with saying for electronic devices (like televison for sleeping) there are individual needs and differences. I do have some experience I’d like to share, Zarb.

As I said above, my sleep is very soothing and enjoyable when I listen to the “babbling brook” station. However, I cannot say the same for my own “regular” TV.

According to my dream journal, when I have fallen asleep with regular programming on in the background, the content was so audibly powerful that it entered my dreams. The content was rather disturbing when it “suggested itself” into my dreams at times.

So far I have been in Donald Trump’s office where people were loudly protesting right outside the door. The protesters were blaming me for things he had said, so this was challenging and weird. Then there was the amusement park ride that went crumbling to the ground when my family and I were stuck at the top of the ride structure.

Okay, so I was on a binge…re-watching The Sopranos for my annual pilgrimage. Tony Soprano and Paulie Walnuts were hunting me down for money I owed for a high-rollers poker game. I’m super grateful that I woke up before being whacked. (OMG, and the next night it was the Paulie “espresso episode!”) Priceless!

So the moral of the story is: Some people’s dreams are definitely influenced by what they hear during sleep. Have a little serving of babbling brooks, already!

Here’s some great, calming music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYVhriSqlZY


Be well…Sleep well,

No TV here! Too upsetting. I have various downloads on my IPad and those I can have them turn off after time. Took forever to get my waves that did not have a sudden seagull squawk just as I was fading off :roll_eyes:

Also found this good hypnosis MP3 by Glenn Harold (think that is right) He now has stuff on iTunes. Has a nice British accent. Also have a recording of waves hitting the bow of a sailboat.

I guess we all have to search till we find what fits us best…just as long as the seagulls stay out of it.

I wonder if anyone else here had TV-intrusion dreams.

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I read every night in bed. I have kindle and use low light to read. I have read in bed every nite if possible, so my body brain says OK sleep time. I will sometimes only read a few pages, except for that d**m Jack Reacher! So for me reading a book, is my best way to relax before falling asleep.

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Can’t use tablet, even low light. Eyes are extra sensitive to light. I have it on ‘low light’ 24/7!!! Wish I could use my tablet. Know what you mean about Jack Reacher. :slight_smile:

I read a book, newspaper. Or magazine and when I get tired, I take Ambien.

Ambien doesn’t always work, and often (like tonight) not more than three hours.

Here are some soothing lullabies

Earthing/grounding everyday (there also exists computer mats and bed sheets that grind you to the earth and bulletproof 's Zen tech screen protectors) and taking relaxing baths with Himalayan salt has helped immensely.

Stay away from synthetic melatonin; imho most are synthetic and the labels don’t say if they are.

Reading a real book helps. As Tony Robbins often says “stick with your daily rituals”!

If I skip dinner sometimes, hunger will keep me awake. Dave Asprey recommends taking coconut oil or another healthy fat before bed too.

Does anyone notice a difference in there sleep if thru consume protein heavy dinners versus eating lighter meals? This is something that I’ve vacillated back and forth on.

I’ve recently discovered valerian, it tastes worse than my acupuncturists bitter herbs and works great especially a few hours before bed.


Thanks for sharing, @Nintendo1889!

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Not sure but ido know is when i was in college got permission fr instructors to tappe the classes and then losten to them at night. This is how i studied