Pouches under my eyes

I didn’t see a topic that pertained to this – sorry if I’m in the wrong area to ask.

I was just wondering if anyone has pouches under their eyes from full ace mask.
I’ve tried cold, heat, and pressure to make them go away to no avail… Is this a common problem?

Hello there! I’ve come acrrises several patients that had that issue and they all have something in common. They all seem to have placed their full face mask way too tight therefore impede capillary blood flow (or fluids) to their face area. Some were way too bad that it needed a doctors intervention for the swelling under their eyes to go away. Most of these patients are also placed on high pressure settings which could be the cause as well and the reason they all seem to put the mask way too tight. I would advise you to contact your physician if the condition get worse especially if you are unable to use the machine for that swelling to subside.

Thank you Ziggy, I’ll try loosening my mask-- I use liners on mine, so I could probably make it looser

Pouches under eyes also generally come from irritation from dry eyes. Some people do not close their eye completely while sleeping leaving them vulnerable to air leaks. Leaking masks contribute to this. Strategies vary. Get the mask to fit correctly and eliminate air leaks from drying your eyes. Use an eye sealer like a sleep mask or a more sophisticated protector over your eyes like the product Sealz. Go to an eye specialist and explain your situation. There are gels they can prescribe that when worn at night reduce inflammation.

Thank you for responding. The pouches I have are on my cheekbones - on My Air it shows my leaks are 2.4 consistently with a liner. I loosened my mask last night on the advice of Ziggy and I’ll have to admit it was more comfortable… hopefully that will correct the problem. Bev (^.^)

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I have used alum for the sacks, but it was not caused by the c-pap; IT WORKS.

Where would I get it and how is it applied???

Every am. Give self a good. Oil. Facial rub. All over. Wakes up helps eyes and face marks.

I have successfully used old fashioned Noxema Face Wash, like mothers in the 60s used. Yes…that’s the one…the big cobalt blue jar :slight_smile: :lotion_bottle:
Love the eucalyptus scent.

Today’s Noxema:

Thank you. Apnea. Is a lonely. Malady. G🔦

I haven’t had that problem yet but let me know what you find out.