Potential Foreign Body Sleep Eating

I need some help. I’m losing my mind trying to figure this out. Please take the time to read this.

For years, I’ve feared that I’ve been sleep eating. 2 years ago I was having diarrhea and found these little fiber hairs in it. I also occasionally find pieces of paper-skin-like shreds in my stools. I did research and actually ran into 2 people with the exact same issue. The first one didn’t know, not even his doctor knew. One of them confirmed that it was liver fluke worms, though I heard liver flukes are rare in the US. At least I’m not alone.

This fear was over taking my life. Everything that would go missing I’d blame on myself(until found that is). It was so ridiculous that I was advise to seek mental therapy. I’m not in denial, I struggle with anxiety. But I’m serious about this!

With more online research, the fibers I found could be candida and I was taking an antibiotic at that time for another infection(I think it was for a tooth abscess, I don’t remember). Perhaps the antibiotic was treating an infection and the fibers were fungi passing.

I starting feeling a lot more positive. But I still can’t help but remain weary and check my stools every time I go.

However, lately things are waving a red flag. For about 2 weeks now, I’ve been passing small stools and diarrhea. For the first 3 days I was pooping non stop. My hemerriod was on fire! I’m also passing a lot of curds/liver fat(the yellow balls with the white stuff in the middle). I’m also not really hungry and only have cravings for carrots and other fresh vegatables. But I may not be hungry simply cause I’m so depressed and stressed over this. I heard small stools are related to impaction from foreign material and usually you won’t be in pain. And I’m not in any pain either. I also found a very tiny piece of black, almost rubber like material when I whiped myself. Couple days ago, when I was cleaning up the art room, I was whiping off my plyers. I noticed that there was a tear in the rubber handle and what appears to be a human bite around it. Did I do that?! I don’t keep tabs on what the tools look like so I could be wrong.

Finally I was finished with this bs. I put tape around my mouth every night. I wake up every morning with it still on. So I’m confused to weather I’m sleep eating or not.

How ever, I have not gained any weight. No messes in the kitchen, so I think this sleep eating is directed to foreign objects. No I do not have cravings for foreign objects/pica.

I am not finding any foreign objects in my stool, no blood, but who knows. What does paper look like when it comes out? I heard cases of sleep eaters eating cigarettes and napkins. Can sleep eating cause you to eat live animals? One of my turtles stays in the kitchen. I’m not going to end turning him into turtle soup am I?
I’m so worried and confused.

Yes, I have sleeping issues, I’m up all night. It is impossible to correct my sleeping habit. I take a 25 mg tablet of a generic sleep aid of diphenhydramine every night. I heard some sleeping pills like Ambian can cause sleep walking/eating, would diphenhydramine do that?

Please help. I’m so worried. Its driving me mad.
Regards- TurtleGirl