Pillow masks

Hi - I am considering trying a pillow mask. I currently use a nasal mask. Would anyone have an idea what one I should look at? Thanks


Hi AliceR! Welcome to the forum… I use Dreamwear masks - I use the nasal one right now because I can’t stand anything in my nose itself… I would recommend that you get with your DME supplier and ask them to let you try one out. Mine generally does that at no charge. Just make sure you have the size right, and I’m not sure about the pressure… I don’t know if it needs to be more or less. Sorry - That is probably not a lot of help. Best luck in getting it straight for you.


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Thank you for your welcome and recommendation. I will look into the Dreamwear mask, I too can not have anything in my nose. Thank you again! Have a great day!

Hi, @AliceR
I too wear the dream mask w the cushion below the nose. I like it. Very small and light. Comfortable. I find that I have to fill the heated humidifier’s water chamber a bit above the max line or, later in the night, it whistles—? As long as I fill it a bit higher, it is quiet.
I am not sure if I will like it for side sleeping. I was just starting to experiment with different pillows with cutouts to see if that would support my head but not touch, squish, or move the mask or cushion, but since then, I have been sleeping on my back while recovering from surgeries.
Before the pandemic, the sleep centers used to have an afternoon a week when you could go in and try different styles while lying down. I think those days are over. The DME company had different ones to try, but no place to lie down. Not sure if they still do that or ensure how to sanitize them.
Let us know what you think of it.

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Thank you so much for your response and feedback. I too am a back sleeper now after needing to be after several surgeries. I will take a look at the dream mask and keep you posted. Thanks again! Have a great weekend!