Phillips Respironics

Has anybody received any solution from Phillips Responics regarding the recall of some of their machines?

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You can check the website or with your DME provider or physician for what to do next.

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I signed up on the Phillips Respironics recall website, they are supposed to get in touch when they come up with a solution. I talked to my DME provider who recommended using a bacterial filter with my machine. The problem with that is first, you have to get a prescription for the filters before they will give you one. Second, you are unable to use humidity along with the bacterial filter. I sent my sleep doctor a message and asked her what the consequences would be for using my machine as is. I can’t live without the heated humidity! That’s the best part of the whole CPAP regimen! Then they suggested I turn the heat off and don’t put water in the chamber and use a room humidifier. I’m not liking that idea so much. That’s just one more thing to buy and maintain. For now I’m using my machine as prescribed. I haven’t ever used any ozone spray cleaners on it and it’s only 2.5 yrs old, so I’ll wait to see what Phillips comes up with. I’ll let you know what my sleep doc says will happen to me if I use my machine as is.
Stay tuned,
Kim R


No reply to registration on line.
I also called, but the rep said they were contacting everyone who registered and would either repair or replace the machine. She had no idea when that will be, nor did she know the criteria for repair vs replacement.

I agree about the heated humidity!

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I’ve notified all my doctors. The only one who responded so far was my pulmonologist. He said keep sucking in that poison, I’m sorry keep using the mask, as is. In the last year I have had problems with my liver and breathing. The newest is my thyroid glands, sinus disease and mediastinal lymph nodes. Phillips has no reports of physical injury because they aren’t contacting anybody. I read about the recall on the internet. I registered then called and I haven’t heard a peep by mail, email or phone. I called my DME and they tried to get rid of me as quick as they could by referring me back to Phillips. I told them Phillips sent me to them so I can BUY these filters. They had no idea what filters I am talking about. But they are looking into it and will call me today or tomorrow. Well, maybe tomorrow but I need my humidifier and I use an oxygen concentrator with my BiPap so I see the "unknown’ filters being of zero benefit. If Phillips gave half a care or worry they would have already mailed out new machines. They have a database, the machines have Bluetooth connection and they know where each and every one is.

And while I am ranting, they don’t have to be replaced every 5 years. Medicare will pay 80% of the over inflated price for a new machine every 5 years. Phillips, don’t try to BS a BSer.

Another week and not a peep from anybody. Apparently my DME doesn’t want to or doesn’t know what filter they are talking about. Canada has set up a contact point, Australia has set up a contact point. US … lawsuits are filing in. The court will decide if they will combine them in to a class action suit in September. Yep, Phillips knew about this by at least April, released it a week ago and will just make a decision in September if they will combine all the lawsuits a class action suit. I am nearing another thyroid ultrasound and getting closer to a fine needle biopsy. I have an appointment with an opthalmologist Wednesday to see what’s happening with my eye. Since I am blind in one that only leaves one more. Not good odds. It isn’t like Phillips Responics doesn’t know they are responsible for these expenses. They should immediately start paying the bills since they can’t replace the machines that caused and continues to cause problems. I don’t understand the lack of action by somebody, anybody?? Doesn’t anybody care?

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@MaryMH Mary, I am sorry you haven’t received any word from the company. Here is some information on a subsequent issue and recall from the brand.

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Makes my thought on this pretty clear. It’s been too quiet and Phillips said they were waiting for the FDA to approve the foam replacement program they have in place to repair over 4 million CPap and BiPap machines. If it doesn’t make sense, it’s probably not true. I contacted FDA… nothing from them either.It’s a bunch of crickets out there. My thought is Phillips is taking this time to get their bankruptcy in place and this news kind of fits in the puzzle. What a mess a whole lot of people are in. Thanks for the info, now I need to calculate my next move.

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@MaryMH - please let us know your progress in this thread. You may be trailblazing for others here who cannot get their equipment. THANKS FOR SHARING!


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I got an email in late August saying it might take up to 12 months for either a repair or replacement.
Today, I received a replacement device.
Have you received yours yet?

None here and it’s not looking promising. Still just going to have to wait and see.

I go see my pulmonologist Thursday and he gets to hear the news about my left maxillary sinus disease, nodules and cyst on my thyroid gland. To top that all off, I have my annual seasonal bout with my tonsils going on. I can’t take aspirin because my liver is already damaged. I just need another round of antibiotics to kick it out. I got my low grade fever yesterday and feel like the dog beat me up today. I have people here taking out my carpet and putting in hardwood floors. I got up this morning, they were already here and working with the back door wide open. The breeze was gently blowing the fragrance of massive amounts of goldenrod into the house making my throat itch that much more and my eyes run and itch all day.

Hope you are feeling better and that your visit with your pulmonologist helped also. Perhaps s/he also gave some info about your recalled machine and the replacement?
My replacement machine is a new machine and is working very well. It is smaller, and much quieter than the old one. The first few nights I used it, it was so quiet that when I woke up, I checked to see if it was on and working!
Hope yours arrives soon.

Skipped home from pulmonologist and crossed him off my list of medical team members. He told me to change my mask regularly. Knows nothing about the recall… just like the rest of the world. He’s a sleep doctor and has a lovely display of Philips machines and masks on display in his hallway. None for sale, just for display. He wants to see me again in a year. He doesn’t want to miss the big bucks for the sleep study. Oh well, I’m used to it. I have my ultrasound set up for the 19th. I’m not even sure what to hope for. If the nodule is 3cm they can stick a needle in my neck and do a biopsy. If not, I go back in 6 months for another biopsy and wait until it gets to 3cm and then they can do the biopsy. I called Philips and asked if the new or whatever they have BiPap replacement uses the same supplies as the old one. They don’t know, order them and if they don’t work my DME can get me what I need. Keep that cash flow going. They told me they are being sent out by serial number. Wonder how anybody could find a list of those serial numbers and decipher that? How different are the CPap numbers from the BiPap numbers. They are messing with my head and there’s not a lot left to be messed with. My BiPap isn’t noisy at all. That could be good, could be bad or not mean a thing at all. I swear Philips, the doctors and DME are so non chalant about all of this. Kind of like the replacement of the machines based on serial number doesn’t tell anybody a thing but I guess they think it sounds better than we know nothing. I am glad you got your new machine and it’s working so well for you. I am looking forward to something smaller but I would like to hook it up to a 5 gallon water chamber. I was up 3 times last night adding water to that tiny chamber they have.

Hi, when the recall was first issued, my sleep md (respiratory specialist and pulmonologist and surgeon) asked these 3 questions: Are their any signs of mildew or mold anywhere on the device or the mask or hose?
When you remove the mask, hose, and tray in the am, are their any flecks/black flecks visible (deteriorating foam liner)? Is there a smell when you use the device? If I answered “yes” to any, then he said to stop using the machine. If “no” to all (that was me), then continue using it, but check every day for all three signs of a problem. The only difference I had noted over time was that it was a bit noisier than when new, but it was still quiet. All 3 signs of deterioration of the foam liner that acted as a sound barrier were/are caused, they believe, by users using chemicals and/or machines to clean the device and masks, water trays, and tubes—clearly against the maker’s directions for safe cleaning.
When I called Philips to make sure that my online registration for a replacement had been received and approved, they said that it was and that they were working their way through the registered users in the order they had registered. Both my sleep md and my DME contacted them and all of us got the same answer.
But you are using a BiPAP and mine was a CPAP/APAP, so perhaps they are using a different system depending on the specific device being recalled?
Have you called Philips to confirm your registration for a replacement? They were very nice on the phone. That’s all they can tell you, but just knowing you are registered and finding out what system (in order by when the user registered or by serial number or ???) might give you more info.
Using all the distilled water every night sounds like a question for your new sleep md. I turn up the settings on both the heated tube and the humidifier when we are using the air conditioning, and my sleep md turned on the Flex comfort feature and I set that on the highest level of comfort. I think all of these affect the amount of water you use on an APAP, but perhaps someone using BiPAP might want to address this issue.
Lastly, while you are waiting to get a new sleep md, you can call your local Sleep Center (usually associated with a hospital) and ask all of these questions of their sleep specialists.