Pet-proof CPAP

Our cat stampedes through the house, ricocheting off of furniture, sometimes with a rottweiler in hot pursuit (and he knows how to open doors). Having read of someone’s dog getting wrapped up in the hose, dragging it off a table, and destroying their machine, I thought that I’d put together a dog & cat proof CPAP cabinet. The shelf slides out to service the humidifier. Cost less than $60.
CPAP Cabinet


Hi @Emmet - That is one of the coolest DIY projects I’ve seen in relation to our PAP machines!! So important to think about the safety of our pets as well as expensive life-saving medical equipment :slight_smile: Did you happen to see the #SleepyPets gallery ASAA has going for February?

Nicely done, Emmet!

Thanks for sharing!

What a beautiful job, and a great idea! Wish it would solve the problem of my cat biting holes in the CPAP tubing. After so many layers of duct tape the tube is no longer flexible. Oh well.

I hear that a fleece hose cover will protect it from cats.
As predicted, the cat just crashed into the CPAP cabinet; everything on top went flying in all directions. Inside, the CPAP & mask stayed safe as houses.

Emit; Where are the plans? I have had trouble with the falling of my machine,( I will not tell you how this happened ).

Costway One Door Accent Cabinet

14" drawer slides

2" desk grommets

You’ll need to shim out the drawer slide 1/2" on the door side to get around the opened door, and trim the shelf. A 2" hole saw is the easy way to cut for the grommets, stuck in place with a bit of adhesive silicone.
I used glue on the dowels during assembly, and remember; this is made of MDF, not real wood. Run in the screws just snug; if you torque them like you’re screwing into hickory, they’ll strip.

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Why don’t you just make a hole in the side of the cabinet & finish the sides of the hole with rubber protective grommets inside & out to run the hose through? Much easier than what you’re describing.

And to keep doors closed, whether on a bedroom door or this cabinet, there are all kinds of baby-proofing gadgets available that you can install in your home. Check out “Baby-Proofing” in Google.

As for protecting your hose from your cat. If your cat is anything like a cat I used to have, wrapping a fleece wrapper around it won’t prevent damage. My cat loved to chew cords & CPAP tubes - in fact anything that resembled a snake & I think that’s really what he was doing - protecting his owner from snakes. It’s a miracle he never electrocuted himself. I had to unplug everything that had a cord & hide either the cord or the whole appliance (if the cord didn’t detach, like a toaster or blender, etc.) & put them in a childproof cabinet until I needed it. Speakers had to be mounted up towards the ceiling & the tv had to have all wires hidden behind the cabinet, same goes for computer wires being behind a desk that had a privacy panel to drop them behind. I had to switch to clocks & whatever I could get that worked with batteries instead (like my vacuum - old vacuum was a delight to this cat as I was always whipping the cord one way or another).

I’m thinking that an electronics store might be able to better supply something to wrap or fit over the hose. I have also heard that cats don’t like the taste of tinfoil & it sends a shock through their teeth, but not sure if that’s true. I know my cat loved his little what I thought were tinfoil Christmas balls-type toys, but thinking on it I don’t know if those are really made out of tinfoil or some kind of cellophane like what’s in a rattle-sack. Still, I would contact an electronics store for solutions. I’m sure they’ve encountered customers with vampire cats before.

Good luck.