Periodic Breathing Spike

Hello - I’m new to this forum, but already learned a lot just by reading other comments. However, I can’t seem to find an answer to my recent concern. I’ve been on CPAP for about 2 years. My pressure was at 10. About 8 months ago my AHI started creeping up (10-15). After a sleep study 6 months ago my sleep doctor set my pressure at 15. My AHI has been stable at 5 or under and still is. My periodic breathing was always about 8-10%. However in the last week my PB has spiked to 20%. Is this a cause for concern and should I let my sleep doctor know about this? Any ideas, thoughts, concerns would be appreciated.

Welcome to the board. IMO I’d address any health concern with the doc. Probably better to get a handle on the issue early while control can be obtained. Not sure of the potential negatives but I’d just be proactive rather than wait.

Thanks for your reply. That is good advice. I do plan to talk with the doc this week.


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