PAP devices and Oximeters

If the initial treatment for both obstructive and central sleep apneas is positive airway pressure (PAP) and
the ultimate purpose of the machines is to have your body resume proper respiration so that your
blood oxygen levels are maintained . . .

Why don’t PAP machines come with a built-in oximeter so that they can kick in to overdrive when your O2
levels drop rather than relying on frequency and depth of respiration?

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For some reason, even tho the technology is there, and this IS THE 21ST CENTURY, sleep apnea is not on the priority list for upgrades in either masks, nor O2 equipment.

Speaking of technology, has anyone seen anything about airing.

This is a crowd funded CPAP device that is meant to be disposable and very, very small.

There has been some controversy regarding delays in reaching production, however, anyone who has any first-hand experience dealing with the FDA knows that you have to cover your bases or your operation can be shut down hard and fast.

Thank you both for the information.

Please note that this is not a commercially available product and it has not been approved by the FDA.
I haven’t seen any indication as to what other future treatments may offer.