Pain inside nostrils

Hello friends. The nasal pillow irritates the inside of my nostril. I wake up with pain in that nostril daily. I think the pain sometimes wakes me up. Does anyone have a good solution? Thank you.

The pain inside the nostrils is caused by bacteria. They can penetrate into the pore, creating redness, aggravation, and irritation. This can result in painful pimples that are very tender. These bacteria can also cause infections. Maintaining proper hygiene is a solution to this problem.

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I wash the nasal pillow every morning and sometimes before going to sleep at night, too. I guess I also have to wash my nostril (it only happens in one) before putting the mask on? Meanwhile, I started using AYR cream, and that has helped.

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Yes, keep the pillows clean and possible use a little anti-bacterial cream in your nostrils before going to bed. You don’t need a lot, just a light coating.

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I use the Airfit 10 nasal pillows for her, and had the same problem with sore napes. I use Lanosil cream which is typically used for breastfeeding moms, but I works great. You might also want to try a different size pillows. I actually went down to the XS and the soreness was much improved. Good luck, don’t give up, it will get better.


Found that it is *Lansinoh not Lanosil . Thank you for contributing!