Outdated bipap equipment

strong textI have been on a bipap for 12yrs, and find that masks offered must have been left overs from years of yore. To awaken each morning with “halo” marks around my face, plus a skinned nose tells me that mask technology is dark age stuff.

Golly gee, I guess you have a problem there. We have at least 1,000.000.00 old out dated masks in stock, maybe by 2020 we can sell you a modern, comfortable mask,(That is…if we palm off these oldies.first. Your friendly mask specialist first class.

RWilson, if I am reading you correctly, you are not happy with your equipment provider. It sounds like you need to find a new one with better inventory. I find today’s masks are vastly improved and there are multiple new masks launched every year.

Halos and strap marks and skinned nose bridge though might indicate you have the wrong size or might be over tightening the straps. We do that sometimes with an ill fitting mask or when the cushion begins to wear out.

Your have mask supplier choices in your locale right? Find one that offers better mask options.

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I guess that you are not really first class, and must be over the development of future gen oxy concentrators. You know the one I posses, the travelling kind that is heavy enough to be a boat anchor,will not allow me to fly commercial- my ox c is too bulky. We have the technology NO? TO PRODUCE A LIGHT WEIGHT CONCENTRATOR THAT I MAY ACTUALLY CARRY AS ON BOARD LUGGAGE and produces 15 level.

Tracy; The picks for durable medical equipment here are zero to none. Doctors in this area have packed their bags and have left. Too many malpractice suits has driven doc’s insurance through the ceiling. The shortage of docs means a long wait for appointments.The providers of the equipment are pretty much over burdened and masks are inferior, and ill fitting. So much for socalized medecine.

I am totally with you on that one. The owner of my home medical supply business has a few free loaner units for people to travel, and in the last two years there are a lot more patients using these, so he ordered more that are lighter and stronger. Some TSA personnel told me the reason they’re not accepted for checked baggage is that the connector for the tubing is fully exposed, not protected, and if damaged, the airline is held responsible. That’s a design flaw, and why you can’t check it. They suggested I buy a cheap suitcase to check the concentrator.
My experience in carry-on was dismal. I went up first on an escalator; below me, my sister was holding it when half the handle broke. A couple of guys below her were able to catch it. My provider had it repaired, but it took so long that he bought lighter, stronger models.
I found out someone can buy a used model for about $1,500. The catch is, you can’t qualify for insurance to get the truly light portable units unless you require oxygen-rich air to be available any time, anywhere. Patients who have it titrated through their CPAP (only for nighttime) have to get a much heavier machine.
Therefore, I travel with the loaner by car (and hope I don’t have to fly in a hurry). Someone should design an ultra-strong, ultra-light non-crushable container (like those used to transport delicate electronics), that would have an integral oxygen concentrator. Of course, it would probably cost $5,000 per unit.
My concentrator is only set for 2.0 L and I would really miss using it while away from home, so I can only imagine your issues if you require 15 L. I had several comments from TSA personnel who opined that I should have someone travelling with me. I need a cane, had one carry-on, my purse, and the concentrator, which the flight crew stowed below the door. I waited at the arrival gate for a wheelchair/attendant, and they were all great folks who took me to my boarding gate. I carried a supply of $1 bills as feedback for their attitude ($2 to $5). I probably looked like a wheelchair Mary Poppins, but so what! My biggest problem was bruised inner thighs from gripping the concentrator.
I am combining too many topics, I know. But one more thing. Apparently travelers don’t take their compliance seriously. I heard my pulmonologist chiding a lady who had to be over 80 years old. She confessed that she lay down for a nap after church on Sunday; he told her it takes several days to “undo” or “catch up” after just an hour of sleep without CPAP.
Okay, two or three more things. From some comments made, patients should insist on a periodic printout and figure out what it reports to you, as well as the doctor. Then you will learn a lot from your data: how many hours on CPAP vs. hours asleep, days used, etc.
If someone has less-than-helpful service from the only home medical supplier in their area, maybe a mail-order business would be a better option. I think the low-quality service is only possible without local competition. Bear in mind, for Medicare you can replace masks within 30 days of each new mask; if the replacement mask doesn’t perform to your expectation, you don’t have to wait 6 months for another one. This is not just for your initial equipment. it applies to subsequent fittings as well. Good luck, and good compliance. Work for yourself, and make your providers work for you too,

Thanks for sharing, @video411 !
I agree- if there isn’t a local provider that will help, there are tons of them online.
May good sleep be with you :slight_smile:

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Very informative; I feel in the near future even the health eq uipment people will be taken to task for poor performance in answering to their patience. We are in the 21st century, but the feeling is the present date is 1908. The durable medical equipment personnel (some) , have the bed side manners of Atilla the Hunn, and are the best at “No shows”. My understanding is that The current administration demanded a 28% cut in the cost from these providers or Medicare would not use them.You get what you pay for??

Well written, much useful information. I do not know if Medicare will cover mail order stuff–Do they?

Yes, they will contact your doctor to verify your already-demonstrated need, the only difference, you will not be face-to-face with these “Amazons with bad attitude.” The place we work with is part of the hospital system. You sure you can’t travel to another local provider? After you get established, it won’t require many office visits. My CPAP’s SD card has to be read at their office, but my husband’s is monitored over a special modem (all Respironics stuff). If I were you, I’d consider 1-hour travel time to a local provider. Are you using techs that come to your home?
Rae (Video 411)

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Could you tell me what does it take to read the SD card from the office, and what kind of system is used at your end? Thank You.

Hello; I use a sleep mapper ma chine which looks exactly like the the average resmed. My thoughts were that they could read my card from home to office. Sometimes I think these jerks know little, or nothing about sleep unless they hang upside down on a limb. I have tried several sleep equipment providers to no avail. This place is a dry hole.

@RWilson - Have you tried getting your diagnosing physician involved to perhaps help with this issue? He may be able to resolve this with a phone call. Just a thought.

Have you ever tried to speak with your doc via phone?? RW

VIDEO411; Thank you for your information/wisdom. I have tried every mask+ sizes in Santa’s pouch to no avail. My thoughts are why not invent a gasket made of memory foam to replace the vinyl, or what ever, then these mask jockeys might get the idea. I was wondering if I could use the
"Drop down" airline oxygen air in order to survive the flight? It is well that you told your friend to always use the c-pap even though she naps. As I have said many times, the technology is there for a more powerful portable but providers are in no hurry to put them on the market. I believe if I connected my concentrator to a vacuum cleaner I could double my out put. Say! Maybe it might function with a carry on. I’m glad that you have the support of a cane, I hope(in these days&times that the support part is hollow, and can be used as a 12 ga. weapon. RW