OSA survival stories

On speaking with a local premier chef at his restaurant a few months back, it became immediately apparent that he was suffering from a sleep disorder. SomehowI I pick up on this very quickly with people in casual conversation. I asked him a few simple questions about non-restorative sleep and insomnia and quickly determined that he likely had severe SDB. I then sent him the Discover magazine article about me. Ultimately, about three weeks ago, after much cajoling by his wife, he went to have a polysomnogram. The tech stopped the study after 30 minutes. His apnea hypoxia index was 90! He desaturated to 84%. His first night on CPAP was the most wonderful experience of his life. He woke up feeling like a different man. He became immediately 100% compliant. His inexplicable 15 pound weight gain is now a thing of the past.


What a blessing! I have similar stories where I spoke casually at church about what I do and sleep apnea. Next thing I found out from three people after hearing from me that they went to their doctor and asked about a sleep study. All 3 are now cpap users and compliant! This is why I signed up to to be an A.W.A.K.E. coordinator and open it up for the whole community. Very grateful to the American Sleep Apnea Association and the support of their Executive Director Tracy Nasca! :smile:

I would love to see the article about you Doc! Thank you!


I fought my CPAP for 10 years. I could never find a comfortable mask that didn’t leak and rub my face raw. I travel frequently and hated dragging it through airport security. About a year ago my doc called and recommended Inspire therapy. It was a quick, simple procedure and stops my snoring and apnea when I use the device.

It is great to hear from a patient who has found a successful treatment option. Would you tell us more about your experience with Inspire therapy? I have visited their website, but would appreciate you explaining more about the implant process and ease of use. Did you have a follow up sleep study to show positive results?
Thanks, it means a lot when patients provide information.