Not able to sleep

I am not able to sleep, tried several methods. I really don’t know what to do. Please help.

@Walter258 - Hi Walter. Sorry to hear you are having trouble sleeping. Please clarify–Do you fall asleep and then wake up in the middle of the night/ not able to fall back asleep – OR – do you have difficulty initiating sleep in the beginning of your night? This will help me point you to the appropriate resource. Do not fret-- there is hope!


Is there any particular reason for your insomnia? I think you should understand the exact cause of your problem. Then only we can suggest a solution for it. Try to schedule a fixed time for sleeping. Do you have the habit of smoking? ​Get the help of a sleep-inducing scent or you can also try relaxing methods like massage therapy (​ ). Proper exercises and therapies will always help.

Walter, help us understand your struggle. What methods have you tried? There are quite a few approaches for alleviating insomnia. Also, have you spoken with your doctor about your sleep problems? There might be a number of reasons for your sleeplessness which can be easily fixed without undue cost or effort (such as changing a prescription). If you have other health issues, these may be at the root of your problems as well. Keep us posted!