Nice Sleep Review Article


Here’s a new article in Sleep Review.


Who owns this articles? Are you the author of this article? Haven’t read it yet.


Nice article, I did not know that they were associations for sleep on the internet. The more you know right?

I will tell my story, I am a rehabbed opium addict, I was addicted to opium based medicines and then as I went more and more broke I started to get my meds through the black market, it got so bad to the point that I had to shoot up because I didn’t have enough money to really keep affording heroin on powder form, and snorting it didn’t help either, my addiction got so worse that I had to inject myself in the vains so the effect was stronger and I didn’t feel sick.

All os this because I had trouble sleeping since I was age twenty eight. My girlfriend at the time left me and I was alone. I found some info about a rehab center and well.

Now I’m happily married I have a child and a stable job. I would also like to share some more articles on how to sleep better, some people just don’t take sleep seriously anymore. Here is the link: