New here, need advice

I see so your not a natural mouth breather, sorry to hear about the hay fever, that must be a nightmare at times, and yes do try the humidifier it will ease that blocked nose, I have trouble with a deviated septum, it works for me.

Yes, finding the mask on the floor is a common problem we all have gone through at one time or another, it usually equates to the pressure being not set right, you will see a change once that is sorted, using your mask during the day is a good way of getting used to handling the pressure and the mask.

There is also something else you could ask your Doctor about, and that is changing from cpap to apap?
I mention this as I was on cpap for 18 months and had a very bad time with that, since October last year have gone onto apap which for me is much better as it delivers the pressure as I need it, maybe have a read up on apap first and see what you think.
Take note though, that if you ever did change over from cpap, then it will be like starting over again, and you may experience all those bad things you did when first on cpap, like I said look into it, and ask your doctor about it.

I hope that you get your problem sorted soon, good luck, and please let me know how it went for you.

Tell me please, what kind of humidifier are you talking about?

I can only say from my own experience that my sleep with a humidifier is much deeper. I have OPOLAR Digital Humidifier in my living room (A stylish humidifier with a built-in humidistat). It shuts down automatically when the desired humidity level is reached.

And in the bedroom I have LEVOIT LV600HH. But I only bought it because of a separate compartment for your favorite essential oils. I use it only for severe sleep problems.

If you answered me, I could give you more detailed information, I think.

@Rococco Let’s lay out some things here, sleep is one of the primary ways the body regulates many things, and will help with your pain management.

While I do not have a pump, I know all about chronic back pain, and sleep, as well as physical therapy help me out.

I would work with the doc to find out the best way to keep you compliant with your therapy, your quality of life, if not your life itself is at stake.

I took to CPAP well, but I see some issues that would have ticked me off early. Most notably a poor fitting / sealing mask. I hate how infrequently the insurance covers the seals for the mask, but if I go past the 1 month mark, they start leaking and causing a problem.

Anyway, I digress. Good luck with the sleep, and pain issues.

Yes, it does!
My husbund was deagnosed 2 years ago and we had to buy a CPAP mask. First time it was very hard for him to sleep with it. Dr has adviced us to buy a room humidifier and change our mattress (my husband rolls all the night in the bed, and at that time he snored very loud so we decided to bought Signature Sleep anti-snoring mattress ). His health improved, and he said he falls asleep better with mask.

Call me curious. Do you know your CPAP settings? On another apnea forum, we look at our own data, arming ourselves with the know-how to adjust therapy ourselves. It’s possible your machine is on default pressures and really not doing much for you.
Up to you but you could post the name of your CPAP specifically, and with your setting number(s), I think I could tell you pretty quick 1) if those settings are at fault, and 2) how to fix it ASAP.