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Hi there!
I’ve been having problems with sleep for 2 months now. I went to my first attention doctor but he just told me to do more sport (although I do quite a lot, eat healthily and I’m like very thin) and when I mentioned sleep apnea he quickly told me it wasn’t possible because I was too young for that (I’m 17 right now).
My main problem is that I awake in midnight, go to the toilet and then can’t sleep again. So now I’m sleeping like 5 hours everyday and even on weekends I can’t sleep more. The thing is that I read sleep apnea can be behind that, and I realised that I do have some ‘‘symptoms’’ of it.
Apart from the dry mouth in the morning (which started like a year ago) and me feeling so sleepy during the mornings (and usually during all the day, although I’ve never felt asleep in class) I remember that last year I noticed some times that I wasn’t breathing (for 30 secs more or less) and then my heart started to race (during the day, happened like 5 times or so). Ah, I forgot, I always feel angry with people in the mornings and nowadays I have noticed that my mood is worse and I am not so happy because it is so annoying.
I am almost sure there is also a genetic factor to this because both my father and my grand-mother suffer from sleep problems (my grand-mother died long ago but I share many symptoms with my father, who sleeps even less than me and told me his problems started when he was about my age).
I just would like to now if I should see further doctors because I don’t think sport is a solution for me and I feel I can’t concentrate much for exams now and my memory is much worse, so if someone can just share his experience I would be very grateful. Thanks!
-Sorry for my English, I am Spanish

Sleep apnea occurs at any age. Can you find another doctor for evaluation? I would try to find one who specializes in sleep medicine, or a pulmonologist.
What you describe sounds like sleep apnea, but I am not a doctor.
Keep us in the loop. If you have sleep apnea, you should be treating it.
Best wishes~

Yeah well they are sending me to a physchologist because the doctor figured out I was nervous and I couldn’t sleep but I think I made clear it’s not like that, I just sleep like normal but then I wake up sweating and have noticed these breathing problems :frowning:
Will try to do it, thanks

Hello, I agree with Tracy, please consult with a sleep doctor. Sleep deprivation can lead to what you’re going through and much more. I’m glad that you are aware of it and utilizing forums such as this. We are here to support each other.

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