Neck rash from headgear strap

After 8+ year of suing an apnea machine, I have developed a rash on the back of my neck. Has anyone been able to developed or learned of a way to spread out the pressure point on the back of your neck to cover a wider area & perhaps reduce the irritation from the neck portion of the strap? Or any other way to limit the irritation from your neck strap?

I use a bipap machine with a full face mask.

Thanks, Brett

Hi @brett - Welcome to the community!

Let me make a few suggestions:

  1. Soak the strap in some mild soap and water. Stir it around in the water, and gently rub on the strap, especially the back part. Rinse it well in clear water. Hang up to dry.

  2. Cut up an old cotton T-shirt-- pieces to fit where the strap touches you.

If you try this, let us know!!


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Fortunately I haven’t developed any rash issues but I do have problems with ear clogging and for that I tend to shift the path in which the strap lays from time to time during the night.

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Thank you for your input. My strap runs around the back of my neck & connects to the sides of the front of the mask (full face mask). There is not much latitude as to where the strap hits the back of my neck. Hope you find a more permanent solution to the ear clogging issues. My problem pales in comparison. Best regards, Brett

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Hey Mother T!
Thanks for your feedback & I am trying a variation of your suggestion. I launder & double rinse my strap weekly, so it should be relatively clean. I had tried using a fake lambs wool seat belt cover around the strap for a couple days. It was much softer & spread the pressure point over a much larger area. It was however, too bulky. This experiment led me to purchasing some very soft fabric that would only be inserted on the inside portion of the strap, rather than wrapping around both sides, in hopes of reducing the bulk. I cut an extended oval piece of plastic from a plastic jug to insert into the back layer of 6 folds of the fabric on the side that will go against the strap. I will velcro the plastic side of my contraption to the inside of my neck strap. This concoction is currently at my seamstresses shop. Will let you know how it works and/or if my first iteration helps to solve the problem.
Thanks for your suggestion. Best regards, Brett

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Brett! You go, Mister!
Clever ingenuity, there!
Please take a photo and share it with us when you get it back from the seamstress.
Sleep well,

Have you thought of putting a cloth between your skin and the strap?