My Sleep Apnea Story

I’ve had OSA for many years before it was diagnosed. I have had two sleep studies, and a CPAP that I’ve tried to use for many years and finally gave up. I went to the mouth appliance next, but that isn’t working well either. I retired one year ago because I couldn’t stay awake at my desk at work. I now prowl around the house half the night and nap during the day. I’m tired ALL THE TIME. My quality of life has been changed drastically. If I plan to go somewhere for half a day, I know I will need to nap when I get home. I need to go back to work but don’t know how I can manage it. I’m 71 years old and to be earning some money. All of this has caused me to be seriously depressed. Can anyone relate to this story?

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Patty, a big welcome to our wonderful forum.
Thank you for sharing your story.
As you can imagine, sleep apnea does not get better if left untreated. You have sleep apnea, you must find a treatment option that you can live with.
When was your last sleep study, was narcolepsy considered with a diagnostic called MSLT (multiple sleep latency test)? It is usually done the morning after the full night sleep study. It involves a series of 5 naps upon demand.

After my initial dx of apnea, I continued to have severe daytime sleepiness. A MSLT was ordered. I came very close to be diagnosed with narcolepsy because I fell asleep in under one minute in all naps, but I did not have the other narcolepsy criteria. Doctors finally recognized that my severe day time sleepiness was simply (actually not so simple to me) caused by my not using CPAP properly. My pressures were inadequate, my mask was the wrong size and even when I got a better mask, no one hand help me through the importance of mask strap adjustment for MY face. Once I got the education and learned how to best use the equipment, everything fell in to place. It was struggle and I can say I have lived the good, the bad, and the ugly of sleep apnea.

Do you think you would consider giving CPAP another try?

I am sorry you are having so much trouble sleeping and being tired all the time. I was very much like that as I couldn’t read a newspaper article without dozing, couldn’t drive 30 or 40 miles without pulling over for a nap, dozed during conversations, couldn’t watch a movie, etc, etc. I did use a CPAP for several years, and it helped some, but 5 years ago I had the Inspire Sleep Therapy implant. The procedure is simple, recovery quick and best of all, I am very rested when I wake in the morning. There are not words to explain the difference as my sleep is perfect now. It has a remote that turns it on, gives me time to go to sleep before it activates, then turn it off in the morning. It is beautiful and certainly worth you looking into. It has been approved by the FDA and insurance companies are paying. Go to to learn more, you will be glad you did.

What is the average cost for the upper airway stimulation procedure? Are there ongoing expenses after the implant?