My Air Scoring - Did you sleep well or not?


Hi Everyone! Does anyone else ever get confused by their My Air scores versus what their perception is of their sleep the night before? Here is what I mean:

  • I will wake up in the morning sometimes and my internal perception for the night before is that I slept terribly - multiple sets with the mask, felt like it leaked all night and was continually waking up. But when I check the ResMed site, it will tell me that I slept the full 7 hours, had little (or frequently no) mask leakage, and my events, which average 12 per hour) will be around 5 or something - in other words I slept really well.
  • Other mornings I wake up refreshed (something that doesn’t happen that often with everything I have going on), and feel like I slept wonderfully. Then when I check my score, I will find out that I only slept 5 hours with the mask, leaks were really high, and the events were 20 or more.

I don’t know that it really matters I guess, but it is hard to tell what causes what in all of this. I would really like to be able to positively impact my results, and just wondered if others had the same occurrences. Thanks for your time!


Ditto. I have the same experience. That air escaping sound wakes me. I don’t believe that the results reported on Web Air are giving the out the correct info.


Cheryl, I have been on a BiPAP for nearly two years. While mine is made by another manufacturer I too check my results in the morning. While I generally can tell if I slept really well that the results will confirm that is the case, many times I get surprised with either higher or lower readings than I expected.

So, my takeaways are twofold. The first being the human body is an ultra complex system that in our case can rarely be predicted with nightly scores. I do know if I exercise, eat well and manage my weight, this complex entity called the body gives me better scores. Second, it is helpful for me to look at the 30, 60 and 90 day averages. If they are where the doctors want them, then I am happy.

Finally, we are both blessed to live in a country that can provide us the breathing assistance we need. This was especially important to me in that I had a paralyzing stroke that was ultimately correlated to complex, severe sleep apnea. While I recovered 100% there is no negotiation in my life as to whether or not these support systems are vital to our well being.

Good luck, Dave


I don’t rely on the numbers as much as what I feel. I also take my machine in and have the doctor make adjustments according to what she feels is appropriate which is based on what I tell her as well as the numbers.


I know - Face farts - they wake my hubby too - ha ha


Hi David P - All of that is true, but I still wonder why my perception is so different than the machine measures since that is what the doctors go by. And unfortunately, the events are not even close. When I was tested, I was 91 hypopneas per hour, so to me an average of 13 seems pretty good. But a month or so ago, when I saw the doc, she kind of fussed at me about the events being over 4, and raised my ramp number, but that made it even worse, so I finally got her to turn it back down.

And yes, I am grateful for the treatment most of the time. There are times however that I have come close to throwing the whole thing out the window to be honest because it is a very fussy process and annoys me. My GP (who is also a friend), says it took her a year to get adjusted to her CPAP, so maybe there is hope… Thanks for the response and have a great week!


Hi afronative - Mine is all auto, so she sets it from her office, but same thing I think =)


May be you need to have your Machine checked.


Hi Kathreen - I did actually… Thanks for the suggestion though!


I didn’t expect CPAC to change my life but I believe it has. The only number that varies for me is the time…if I stay up too late I don’t get the full 7 hours. I wish I had started this years ago. I especially don’t have those afternoon I-need-a-nap moments anymore. The wife is very pleased with my lack of restlessness and noise at night.

I hope you get everything straightened out. I feel it is helping me greatly.


Hi Jake - I agree with you. The problem for me is how long it has taken me to get the right mask size, learn how to set the straps correctly, etc. I think for the last four nights, I have finally gotten to the place where I can sleep 8 hours or more at a stretch, and that is amazing to me with everything it has taken me to get here - ha ha. But man, when I DO get that sleep, I am stunned at how much better I feel the next morning. So, yeah. I think it is WELL worth the effort it has taken me to get here.