Mouth taping

I’ve been on a bipap machine for about 7 months, and the biggest problem I’ve had is mouth dryness. I’ve been experimenting with mouth taping, and it seems to be working as most days I’m able to sleep through the night without drymouth. I’m unable to use the pre-cut mouth tape that has a hole in the middle for a small amount of air to get through and have ended up using 1/2" tan micropore medical tape. It’s less than $5 per roll, and comes off the lips fairly easily, leaving only a small amount of adhesive and irritation in the morning. I know this sounds absolutely crazy, but I’m able to sleep through the night using this method, and the benefits of nose breathing are incredible. I feel better all day.

Has anyone else tried taping? What tape do you use?

Hi shuggeman.
You should not need to use taping at all, you have just recently started using your bipap machine, everyone has some kind of dry mouth issues when we first start using a machine for our apnea.
So do not worry to much about this,
even though your in-hale and ex-hale is controlled now, your machine should have a humidifier so please use it as it will ease that dry mouth.
You have not mentioned about what kind of mask you are using, as a full face mask will be of more use to you for a dry mouth, if you are using the full face and getting a dry mouth then you may well be getting leaks from the mask, so a few minor adjustments there will solve that.
You may also have issues with a blocked nasal passage so you could try a Dymista spray to ease that especially if you have cold/flu like symptoms, consult with your doctor first about this.

hope this helps you on your journey.

Have you tried a chin strap? At one point in my therapy they had given me one to try because they thought I was sleeping with my mouth open. I told them I didn’t think I slept with my mouth open, but I was willing to try it to see if it helped. (Heck, I’m asleep at night, I can’t control much when I’m asleep) Well, that wasn’t the problem so I don’t have to wear it anymore, but when I did, it wasn’t too bad as far as being cumbersome or sliding around. There is also some sort of chapstick-type stuff you can put on your lips that will make them stick together at night, then all you have to do is stick your tongue out and get your lips wet in the morning to deactivate it. I’m not sure where it was that I saw that, but I’m sure you could search and find it online.
Best of luck to you.

I cannot use tape because it hurts my sensitive skin particularly after having a cosmetic treatment, and suffer from cpap venting. So big issue for me. Recently somebody mentioned a gel you apply on your lips SleepQ+ you can get it online, worth trying.

Hey Guys thanks for all the great feedback! I’ve ordered SleepQ+ and a chinstrap also. I never thought of trying a spray to open a closed nostril. The whole experience of using a bipap or cpap machine is so bizzare at first, but after 7 months I now can’t see sleeping without it!

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