More revelations & feeling more hopeful

It’s been a busy week here. Not sure if I told you all my husband and I are moving. What a job we have had packing up and getting all our belongings to a storage unit in or new community about 230 miles from where we are right now! This week alone, we spent perhaps 15 hours in our car over the course of three days (going to and fro our new community and making a trip south of where we live now for a medication run). I was so tired when we got home after the two-day trip I slept just under 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep w/the CPAP, and the mask worked great. Needless to say, I was ecstatic. Wish I could say I’ve had repeats of my good fortune since then, but no luck. Oh well. I know it will come.

Meanwhile, I had a check-up with the pulmo today. He echoed Mother T’s suggestion about getting saline spray for some additional moisture since the humidifier isn’t preventing my throat from getting dried out. He also suggested an external humidifier. I have a portable one, so I just might try that.

Still haven’t called the medical supply place re:a different mask that won’t leak as much s the one I have now does. I’ll do that on Monday now that I’m regaining my confidence again.

The quest for better sleep continues! I’ll keep you posted about my progress.