I noticed a black color in my kleenex when I blew my noise, I could not figuer out where it was coming from, I clean machine weekly , I checked the filter and when I took it out i could had this film on my fingers, over 10 years and never had this
happen, I washed it out several times and could not figuere out where it was coming from, I got a cpap so clean cleaner, I only seem to have the problem when I use my foam filter, as last nite i decieded to try it and this morning the the white filter was so so black as i also put it in with the charcoal filter , am baffled , I will call apria monday but am afraid to use it , it clearly comes out of noise, thanks Linda

Glad you are calling Apria Monday. Here are my thoughts
Are you using distilled, not tap water? I have poor tap water quality in my home, I only use distilled.
I check my filters weekly and if discolored I change. I change the white filter about once per month. I wash the dark foam filter weekly with mild dishwashing soap. I replace that foam filter about every 6 months.
I wonder if your foam filter is degraded and just needs to be tossed and replaced?
Did you notice any discoloration in your tubing when you cleaned it?
Do you think the black color in your kleenex might have been dried blood from nasal dryness rather than something to do with the filter?

Here is a good article about humidification which addresses infection and bacteria concerns.

I hope you will let us know what you find out Monday. Wishing you well.

Thank you for your response, Have alwasy use distilled water and know the black color in mucus in nose is clearing string black just like what I am seeing on filter, filter may be defected the charcoal one they are about 3 weeks old, All the things you have mentioned I can rule out it is a mystery for sure I will let you know what apria has to say, the filter is so black it is alarming, thanks so much Linda

What brand machine are you using? What do you mean by charcoal filter? Should just be one white fine paper filter and one black foam. Charcoal?

Yes it is a grey black foam , sorry Linda

So what did Apria have to say?