Mississippi and mandated new sleep apnea test?

Hello. I am trying to get new CPAP masks after moving to Hinds County, Mississippi in June 2018. 6 years ago, I got tested for sleep apnea in Harrison County, Mississippi (about 200 miles away). Now I’m being told by my new sleep apnea doctor that I can’t order new masks unless I get a NEW sleep apnea test first. My previous sleep apnea doctor’s office said that’s not true. The Mississippi Department of Health doesn’t know what the answer/law is. Does anyone have any insight of if I truly need another sleep apnea test before I order new masks (in Mississippi) since I moved? Or whom I could contact who would know the answer?

Hi prdean - I really don’t have information about Mississippi and their requirements. I actually just looked up the Department of Health and gave you the same information you already had listed… Sheesh - can I read much? Sorry…

One suggestion is to contact the local sleep center, or sleep doctor… They are totally familiar with the requirements… Good luck and let us know how you do? Thanks, Carol

Hi Ms. Carol.
I contacted a local sleep center and they were the ones who told me I need a completely new sleep test. Yet my previous sleep doc–also in Mississippi–said that’s not true.
I realize occasional sleep studies are important for those of us already diagnosed. But this is a heck of a time for me to shell out that kind of money.
Still, I guess I want to know why they mandate a new test simply because my Zip Code has changed. It seems like a strange (and unfair) rule/law.

Hi prdean - What ever happened with this situation? Were you able to get your supplies? I hate to think they would deprive you… It seems like they would at least grandfather you for a time…

To Caeryl:
My humble apologies for taking so long to reply to your November post.
Short answer: My Dad, who also has sleep apnea, gave me some of his extra CPAP masks when I visited him during Christmas break. I will probably buy future supplies online (they don’t seem overly expensive–at least the masks don’t.) But I’m going to go to the state Insurance Commission to ask them for more guidance. Ugh! Thanks to all for your help and support.

That’s good. Just be sure that if you are using the dream wear masks, the air tubing size matches your mask size. I didn’t know that at first, but I have been sleeping much better since I got a small mask and matching small tube. Good luck with the insurance commission!