Mini CPAP Machine

I have recently seen commercials for this Mini CPAP machine to be used for travel. They are very small and easily portable. They are somewhat expensive somewhere around 500.00. Has anyone used one of these and what did you think of it?

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I have dispense them many times from customers buying them on my website. Quite frankly they’re loud compared to the cpap machines being marketed by DME companies for home use. They do serve a purpose as you mentioned. Portable, lightweight, and can be used with batteries (purchased separately) for those people who like to go camping or hiking, etc.
Recently, a major cpap manufacturer was approved by the FDA to release their own version of mini cpap. My guess is sometime later this year it will be out. If you trace a lot and would like to use a secondary machine that can stay in your luggage and have the means for it then it is worth it.
Call me any time if there’s is anything else I can answer for you. Thank you.


I know quite a few people who use these. Either they travel a lot, or they spend a lot of time in the outdoors (camping), or they live where there are frequent power outages. I think in these situations they are a good solution because they do all the main things a normal sized CPAP machine does for people who need to have a spare on hand for these kinds of situations. It means no missing out on therapy and improved compliance, both with are important.

T%hank you all for your input.

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