Mask Resupplies


I have Obstructive Sleep Apnea and have been using a Remstar Auto A-flex CPAP with Mirage Swift II mask since 2010.

I’m not sure which forum this fits into but I’ll start here…

I had been oversupplied with 5 additional masks over the first few years by my supplier when I stopped ordering from them back in 2014. I am now on my last one and its time to get another mask. They say I now need to get a new prescription to order another… Will this require a new sleep study?

I have not dealt with my supplier for these years because once I do this vendor resupply harassment phone calls and emails start up for years following and they pay no attention when I ask them to stop those calls and emails. So, I was wondering if there are any online suppliers who can work with United Health Care health insurance who will not harass me with resupply alerts?



Usally you will just need a script from sleep dr, ask what’s new and excited.

I had to have another sleep study done after 5 years. The study will let them know if your breathing and other things have changed over the years. I received a newer cpap machine which was smaller and sleeker than the other one. I also chose the nose buds and that makes a big difference if you’re not comfortable with the mask. Call UHC and find out which cpap providers they work with and go from there. Happy sleeping!