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Restored Rest offers a easy-to-use and lightweight cover for CPAP mask cushion seals. This relatively small thing can make a big difference. The cover:

  • Decreases leaks and noise from around the seal

  • Prolongs the life of expensive mask cushions

  • Minimizes the amount of slippage from sweat and body oils

  • Protects your skin from the blisters and irritation caused by silicone sensitivities

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Thanks for the heads up. I’m going to check it out. Anything that helps is a blessing.


What masks do they fit? I have a nasal pillow full face mask and the other covers I found did not work well at all. Thanks



The covers are a one-size-fits-most for cushions that cover the nose and mouth. We are working on making smaller versions for nasal only face mask. Can you
see photo below? Our covers have a lightweight elastic around the edges so they stay on and stretch just right to cover the silicone but leave room for the nose and mouth. You might think that the nasal only style is less claustrophobic but I think they do
not balance as easily on the face compared to nose and mouth cushions so they tend to pull more. That was my experience anyway. Plus I open my mouth while I sleep, which breaks the vacuum of the CPAP.

So unfortunately, some of the new masks are so minimal and fit so closely into the nostrils that covers for those are going to be impossible. This leaves you
with the alternative of larger cushions that can be covered vs. no covers and smaller cushions.

CPAP treatment is not easy but it is worth in the long run.

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Rita McPhail, CEO

Restored Rest


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Thanks for the information Rita. Actually, I have a full face nasal, so it doesn’t really unseal when I open my mouth. I tried another brand when I first got the CPAP, but I couldn’t get them to stay. And they were expensive too. But it would be worth it if it stayed. I sweat a lot at night (didn’t know until I was diagnosed that sweating is part of sleep apnea…), and that makes the mask roam around my face – ha ha. I may give yours a try because the others were tabs that taped on, and the elastic looks like it would stay better… Thanks so much!

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