Mask leak

I have a question about masks. I’ve been on CPAP for 15 years and am now using an Aircurve 10. Can anyone suggest any that have a reputation for good leak control?

The ResMed Quattro Air, Activa Nasal leak: I simply cannot get them to seal very well. The problem worsened greatly when the pressure was increased about 6 months ago. For my taste all the ResMed cushions I’ve used are pretty flimsy where they touch the face. ResMed’s are the only ones I’ve used and they’re about the only ones available in the Seattle area. DMEs here won’t let you look at one without being a member of a particular insurance carrier. Thanks

Hi @Ephraimh
Every individual face is unique. Finding the right mask is sometimes challenging, but you have already established one brand you do not care for. Have no fear, there are so many brands out there. Go for features you have discovered you like, and avoid features you have found to be difficult for you.

My suggestion is this. Try an online retailer. You can so a keyword search on Google by using “CPAP Mask Sale”

Then look for one that will accept your particular insurance, or pay out of pocket.

There are also little pads that help with leaks and pressure points. If you would like some more information, just let us know!

Be well,

Theresa Shumard
ASAA SleepHealth Community Leader