Mask frustration


I had an Aiffit10 that was ok. But due to it making my eyes dry out, my md prescribed an Amara with the forehead brace. I struggled with it for a week, but found it too stiff, uncomfortable and basically useless because it just did not fit right. Supplier won’t let me return so my insurance has basically paid for something totally unusable and of course and I can’t replace my Airfit for another 6 months which will be a year total. There is just something so totally wrong with this.

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I have a full face mask which is ruining my life😊. In order to make it work I have to wear a chin strap and something to keep it from leaving marks. I called the provider and told them I wasn’t going to wear this anymore and I want to try a nose mask. I had to make an appointment to talk about it. I have Cigna. I wish I would just lose weight so I could throw the whole thing away.

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Hi @ferrarisoneill - There are these pieces of fabric that have padding for the cheeks and various other places where the mask needs to be sealed for leaks, or might leave marks or irritate. Try searching google for “CPAP pad cheeks” and you will come across some brands. If you need any further herlp, feel free to email me at

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@Dasi, please email me at and perhaps I can help. Stay positive!! :slight_smile:


I’m not sure how this site works but I wanted to share my experience with masks. I’ve tried them all…nasal pads, vinyl. full face, chin strap. 7 mnths ago I got an AirFit F20. ResMed. It is GREAT and I wanted folks to know that finally I have a mask that is really really great ! It leaves no marks on my face, is very comfortable, no leaks, and I just can’t say how happy I am with it. Just be sure to measure and get the right size.

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@Hardt Mary, thank you for sharing your experiences and advice! Measuring is so important. Another must is that if a person wears dentures to sleep, they should wear them at the time of the mask fitting for an accurate shape of the face.

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The hunt for the perfect mask is my favorite subject. I signed up on the Internet to get emails describing new equipment and sales info from companies such as The CPAP Shop and Easy Breathe. I was not happy at all with my mask. It was leaking and leaving marks on my face. The email notifications is where I found out about the Resmed Airfit N20. I made an appointment with the technician at my Sleep Doctor’s office for a fitting. He let me try one for a month to see if I liked it. I should mention that I had previously tried other masks ranging from full face to nasal pillows (my favorite). I fell in love the the Airfit N20 (N = nasal). With the problems from my old mask, I had ordered a Resmed Gecko nasal pad and a mask strap pad from Pad A Cheek. I am a fanatic about checking the nightly results on the Resmed MyAir App. With my new mask, my Mask Seal results are around 3.6 L/min and 0 or 0.1 Events per hour (using the Gecko & strap pads). The sleep technician told be that there was a new mask out, Resperonics DreamWear Nasal Mask that might be even better, But, he did not have a trial one to test. I discovered that one can order a new mask without a prescription from one of the online companies if you order them as parts (frame and straps). I am so happy with my Airfit N20!

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When you order from one of the online companies are you paying full price or do they honor your insurance. That is a big problem.


It depends on the company, @toni

Some online vendors honor insurance, some are cash-only which comes in handy for an inexpensive piece/parts where the deductible would be more expensive than the actual part. Masks can fit into that category sometimes.

Just curious, what mask do you use? How long have you had it?



I have the ResMed Quattro Air full face small. I also tried to use the Amara view but seemed to develope discomfort on my gums where it sits on my face; had dental exrays and ct of sinuses and nothing found. I would like to have several masks that I can alternate with so as to lessen the discomfort each can cause.


@toni Having several masks on hand can certainly accomplish that. Rotating the masks can give the various pressure points relief.


I can’t figure out how to start a new message, so I must tag along with you. Regarding masks…I’ve tried many different kinds. Nasal pads and vinyl leaked. Full face was uncomfortable and annoying because if my nose itched, I coudn’t get to it to scratch. What I have now is more than perfect!
It leaves no marks. The straps have magnetic snaps. If my nose itches I can disengage one of the straps, scratch, and the strap automatically finds it’s way back to where it will snap shut again. It comes in small, medium and large. Easy fit. Mask should be directly under you bottom lips. Measuring chart is available for printing on their website. I LOVE my ResMed AirFit F20.


You replied in the right spot, @Hardt - It’s always great to hear someone describe the successes they have with masks. Everyone appreciates this type of sharing! Very happy for you, and may good sleep (continue to) be with you!!



My Resmed Mirage FX mask is pretty good although it can be annoying as well.


I have switched to the F20 also. Of many many masks I’ve had this one works the best. there are 2 F20’s the air fit and the air touch. The difference is the mask cushions, they are interchangeable. I have the air fit and i’ve ordered the air touch wich has a cushion with foam. I love my airfit and the airtouch cushion should be even better because it has foam. Only problem is it can’t be washed. So it has to be replaced more often. But the comfort should be worth it.


I’ve been treating my apnea since Dec 1, 2005. Over the past 13 years, I have tried just about ever full face mask on the market from Respironics, F&P, ResMed, and others. I am currently also using the F20 and absolutely love it. I switched several months ago from the F&P Simplus. I consider these the top 2 I’ve ever used. My pressure requirements eliminate my use of nasal pillows and masks.

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Thanks for sharing, @bluesfreak72


I have only had the mirage fx mask. It works for me but it can be annoying.


I have a f&p simplus. It looks big and awkward, however the way that I can secure it on and be comfortable works for me…not too tight , not too loose and actually stays on me throughput the night. The nasal pillow was very comfortable, but it would come off frequently as I roll to my side . The other downside of the nasal pillow was…if I had nasal issues that night or a cold…it was unusable.

The air/fit resmed f30 has a nose that separate from the mouth and is a good mask, comfortable, but the cushion wear out quickly and can be difficult for me to seal around the nose area…it’s a medium, but I think I’m going to try a small and see if that works better for me. It tends to come off at some point when I’m on my side. I do notice I also have to adjust pressures differently with different masks to keep them comfortable.

For example, if I use my nasal mask with the same pressure settings as my full mask…it will make my ears pop…

In saying all this, no matter the mask type, it would take me 2 full months to adjust to any type on my face…it was a challenge for me.