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I need a new machine and Apria doesn’t offer what I want (no frills). They only have 2 options - ResMed air sense 10 and respironics dream station. I like the old machines that just got a pressure and held it. Any thoughts about these two?

The last time I had a ResMed or Respironics, they made a noise that changed in pitch as I breathed out or in. I found them impossible to sleep with

I have no such issue with my A S 10.

Thanks. Appreciate it.

This is really the thing with ResMed or Respironics. Not good for those who are anxious.

I have the Philipps Dreamstation. The doctor can set it for a single pressure or for a range. I started with the single set, but have done much better with the range of 6-12.
As for that annoying whistle, the newest headgear fits better because it has plastic wings that sit comfortably on the back of your head and keep it in place on your head.
I also discovered that the noise goes away completely (!!!) if I make sure the tube goes straight up from my head over the pillow (and then to the side to the machine). There’s a clip on ring that you can buy to attach to your pillow to thread the tube through and keep it above your head. I have not needed to add that yet. The tube is long enough for me to position it straight up, tuck it under the top corner of the pillow, and leave enough slack that I can change my sleeping position without waking up. Hope this helps!

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Thanks. That noise from prior machines was coming from the machines. The fan was made poorly and besides the noise in general, the sound kept changing: it went up when I breathed out and down when I breathed in. The change in pitch was impossible to sleep with.

Didn’t used to be. I’m crossing my fingers they fixed it.

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In the past four years I have used both the Dreamstation and the Resmed AirCurve 10. I am using the ResMed now and the machine is absolutely silent. I could not be happier.

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Thanks. I am brand new to this. I’m not very good with technology.
I don’t do well with my CPAP machine, but I am not giving up!!

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Have you seen the thread here about CPAP support. You can call them if you need help.

Hope that has been fixed for you.

Resmed makes some amazing stuff. I highly recommend them.

I use the Philips Respironics DreamStation. When I first got it my husband complained about the “whistle.” I took it in to my DME company and the respiratory therapist knew exactly what the problem was! It has to do with the rubber seal around the top of the machine over the water reservoir. He checked it and moved it a bit and I haven’t had a problem since. Take a look at it, seems it wasn’t placed on all the way at the factory. It was not the first one the RT had seen. My machine is now absolutely quiet.