Looking for tee-shirt ideas


Hi Everyone:
We need your help.
We started a little swag store to promote the Sleeptember community, but visually we know we need a little more pizzazz.

If you have ideas or concepts, we would love to read/hear/see them.

Here are the three concepts we would love to promote:

Concept 1: #sleepforme, #SleepforCOPD/#Sleepfordiabetes/#sleepfor[insert partnership name]

See partnerships here.

Concept 2: #powerofZ #sleeptember

Looking for fun/clever ways to catch peoples attention.

Concept 3: #sleephealth, #GlobalCitizenResearcher

This really plays to the SleepHealth App.

Thanks in advance for any time or energy you put on this. :slight_smile: -CC


As far as swag… whatabout caps (ball caps) or mugs/insulated cups…

Ideas… Logo images in addition to the Sleeptember.org It could be any that represent any of the sleep disorders… or even listing the partnerships on the back of a t-shirt…

Just a couple thoughts.


I like your ideas @quacky. Thanks for taking the time to reply.
Yeah, I think if we have any events, we’ll for sure add partner logos.

Here are two ideas I’ve been thinking about:


Sleep for Alzheimer’s
Sleep for Sleep Apnea
Sleep for Cancer
Sleep for COPD
Sleep for Chronic Pain
Sleep for Diabetes
Sleep for Heart Disease
Sleep for LGBTQ
Sleep for Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases
Sleep for #SleepHealth Research
Sleep for ZZzzZZZzzz
## Sleeptember.org [circle logo]

(or maybe shorten it to #SLP4Alzeimer’s?)


Sleeptember.org [circle logo]

Let me know your thoughts. (Would you wear a shirt with this on it?) -CC



I am not sure exactly which circle logo you are talking about… It does not show up on your posts… I would wear a shirt with a logo on it, especially if it is going to help to raise awareness of sleep disorders and the numerous health risks they can contribute to.



Sorry about that Quacky: Like this:


Idea for the research aspect RE: #sleephealth app. Thoughts?