Legal Aspects of Sleep Apnea


Hi everyone.

I was in a sleep study last night. For the third time. But as my body weaken to this disease, I knew I had to go again and get treatment. You can fight when your younger but not when you get older.

Anyway, I will get a machine next week and should be fine.

Here is my problem. On the week of 4/30/18 I came forward to my boss at my new job and told him I had sleep apnea and need to be treated. The symptoms had worsened and I needed help. I told him that as soon as our health insurance kicked in (we had none), I was going to be treated. I gave him the dates for my urine and bloodwork, (4/7), and then physical (4/20), then said I will give you the date of the test, because I have to be referred by a primary. (The sleep test was yesterday) I failed badly. Which I knew was coming.

However, I was fired from that job on 3/9/18, and basically told that my falling asleep was embarrassing to my boss and a lot of questions were being asked about me. No one from from the company defended me apparently, when though I had come forward, and my boss told HR what was going on with me.

I have since retained an attorney and suing the company for violation of American with Disabilities Act. There have been events that have occurred since, that tells a logical person that they knew what happened internally, and are probably aware of mistakes by my boss and HR.

I want to make an example of this company. Corporations can not get away with treating people like trash. How do I make this companies life miserable? My wife is having to work overtime and I have not yet found a job. We will probably go under. This company needs to understand what they did, and how breaking laws affects peoples lives.



Hi There - Just joining, but I read your story. As someone in management all of my adult life (literally), this is pretty disgusting. I understand that employees can be expensive, especially with health issues… But that is just cruel. Do you have any updates on this situation? I’m not sure what year this was posted in. I hope things got better than your last thoughts…

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