Learning to Use Your Sleep Mask

Proper use of a sleep mask can be life-saving for people with COPD-OSA Overlap Syndrome. If you OR your friends or family have both COPD and sleep apnea, you may be eligible to participate in our clinical study and receive complimentary coaching to properly use your sleep mask.
Learn more here: https://www.o2verlap.org/portal?REFER=Misc20

I snore a lot, this is of interest to me, great link, I will check it out!

I had one of these masks but it resulted in being super uncomfortable to sleep, especially for me since I am a side sleeper, It did however make my wife sleep a lot more comfortably since she always complained about me snoring all the time.

Sleep mask it’s an excellent idea. I check out the link it’s so incredible.

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I am also feeling uncomfortable at first time but now it is OK. I greatly want to say that it saves my life.

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Can I use noise canceling earbuds at the time of sleeping? Does anyone have any idea about it?