Job loss and Apnea

I am new to this and still waiting on my CPAP.

The thing is I was written up, had to go to HR just for being tired and nodding at an unimportant meeting. I was threatened with being fired. It turns out I have severe Apnea(56) and am getting treated. This job doesn’t care. I am in a bad position right now and can’t afford to lose my job, can they fire me just for being tired? When I have this condition? I had to sign something for HR before I even saw a doctor.

The short answer is no, they can’t immediately dismiss you.

I am head of hr for a global company, PM me if you want advice.

Also have severe SA

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It’s hard to say what you are up against especially without knowing what is in the document you signed. I in your shoes would definitely check 1800 lawyers to ask a lawyer that specializes in labor law and find out which end is up.

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So very sorry you’ve experienced this. I hope you get your CPAP soon. Were you told when it would arrive?

About the paper you signed, what did it say?

The paper was just an acknowledgement that I was being disciplined for being drowsy at a department meeting, wasn’t actually sleeping but had to talk to hr. I just have an asshole boss that thinks everyone should be excited and perky at 8am, pre coffee, to have our jobs. Since receiving my official paperwork with a 56 apnea score they have totally backed off messing with me in any way. Finally getting fitted for CPAP tomorrow. The reviews for this supply place online are not so great. But I have great insurance, no copay what soever all the way until I own the equipment. Hope it will work well.

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Like most of the new tech the best way to learn how to use it is to play around with it. But to help the process along here’s a link that offers some useful information: