ISO good, affordable travel cpap machine


Are the newest travel cpap machines worth the out of pocket cost? Do they work as well as the traditional machines? Is it necessary to get one with a built-in humidifier? Are some better than others? Any suggestions and input is greatly appreciated!


I would assume that you will be using the travel CPAP for international trips and you’re probably flying in Business Class. Many of my friends use the ResMed AirMini AutoSet Travel CPAP and they really like it. However, they do use one of the few approved masks that go with this system. They also store it during the day in their room safe so it doesn’t get stolen. If you are going to get a travel CPAP you should invest in one that is the newest and greatest like this ResMed AirMini. You can’t beat new technology as you probably know. In Business Class, I prefer not to use a CPAP machine, because of all the hassle. I fly out of SFO on a Friday, arrive on Saturday and don’t have to be at work until Monday. That gives me lots of CPAP time before I go into work. I carry my full size CPAP in my carryon bag instead of the CPAP carrying case that came with my ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet. You asked if the travel CPAP machines works as well as the larger ones and the answer is yes and you should get one with a humidifier! Of course you probably know that you can get distilled water from most pharmacies in Europe, etc., but it is expensive. I had already checked with my health insurance and they won’t cover a travel CPAP. Let me know how you like the one you get and I will have to think about getting one when my bonus check arrives.


Thanks so much for your insights! I am definitely going to look at the Air Mini. I fully agree with you that newer technology is best. Getting distilled water abroad is sometimes a hassle so I really want a humidifier. I’m going to check out some cpap shops in my area and will be making a decision soon. Stay tuned.


I finally decided to spend the money to get a travel CPAP. I saw that Lofta in San Diego was offering the ResMed AirMini at an additional 15% off this month, making it $721. I was able to get a lot of accessories for it with the money I saved. Lofta kept me informed about the progress with my order which included contacting my sleep doctor for a prescription. They used both email and phone calls to keep me informed. I like the fact that the AirMini uses waterless humidifier cartridges instead of requiring distilled water.