Irritated Throat

Hello. Been having chronic irritated throat/dry. Just started using a humidifier. My question is do i set it high or keep it low?

Doctors seem to have different opinions. Mine prefers very slight changes, one at a time, so you can track each variable.

Mine started at static 3 for humidity and for heat. Recently, I switched to APAP and adaptive heat and humidity. Also added the preheat feature which seems to help. After a month of being pegged at the max of three, though, I increased just the humidity to 4 adaptive, and saw some improvement. This last week, I tried 5 adaptive and noticed a significant improvement. I see my pulmonologist today, so we’ll see what he says.
The respiratory technician at the equipment company said most doctors do not increase the heat temperature as this could lead to condensation and make it worse.
Let us know what you do and how it works out.

Great input Louise. I myself just take it in to my doctor and let them handle the adjustments.

One thing that can help with the “rain out” is what we call it is to use a heated coil tubing from your cpap to your mask but only some of the machines except this feature. It is hard sometimes because of the sheer airflow required sometimes depending on the severity of the apnea. I always encourage patients to use a a nasal mask and breath through their nose as this is a much more anatomically correct way to breath. This keep pressures lower and your nose provides even more natural moisture to your breathing. There are many negative outcome from breathing through ones mouth from an increase in cavities to bad breath and sores in ones mouth from irritation of being dry. I do realize that there are many situations that make it impossible to breath through ones nose though. I am one of these type patients. I used to use a nasal mask and I slept much better at that time and now I have nasal issues that keep me from breathing through my nose. I will get them fixed at some point so I can go back to a nasal mask but with 4 daughters my needs fall way back to the end of the “to do” list. I hope you can figure this out and have a better night sleep and a more rewarding life to follow good sleep.

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