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What brings you to our community?

Tell us about your current sleep

Finish this sentence: “Sleep is


What brings you to our community?

Tell us about your current sleep routine?

Sleep is (Fill in the blank).


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“Sleep is frustrating, elusive, diabolical…my best friend and my worst enemy.”

Hello, everyone. My name is Kirk. I’ve had difficulty sleeping since I was in high school, but it’s only really started affecting my health in the past ten years. I went to a sleep clinic about ten years ago and was diagnosed with mild apnea. I read that being overweight makes the apnea worse, so about three years ago I decided to lose weight through diet and exercise. I’d lost about ten pounds in the first month when I tore my Achilles tendon. It’s all been downhill from there. I’m 45 years old, but I feel like I’m hovering around 70. I’m technically asleep for about 5-6 hours each night but it feels like it’s only been 45 minutes. I have serious difficulty falling asleep but no problem sleeping through alarms.

I’m researching buying a CPAP machine and have found a few that look like decent devices. It was actually through this research that I found this site. I was hoping that someone could recommend a good permanent CPAP as well as a good travel machine. I was recently told that if you bought a cpap machine, you’d never be able to change the settings. I’m also wondering if this is correct. Also, I’m normally a side sleeper, but I found myself on my stomach when I woke up today, so I basically shift around.

I live in Taiwan, but I’m going back to the states in four days. Seeing an ENT tomorrow to get a sleep clinic night set up (but I might have to wait a month or more). Insurance will cover the ENT visit and the sleep clinic trials, but not the CPAP machine itself, which is prohibitively expensive in this country.

Three questions:

  1. Trustworthy permanent bedside CPAP machine. (voltage - Taiwan almost everything is 110)
    2.Trustworthy portable/travel CPAP machine.(voltage)
  2. Can the settings on a CPAP machine be adjusted, or is it true that once it leaves the retailer, it can never be adjusted again.

Thanks for any help and input.



Hello @kirkulese! Thanks for taking the time to post! If it’s okay I’m going to break your questions in a new post in our Sleep Apnea group. Until then, safe travels to the states. Give us an update on your adventure when you have a chance. -CC


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hello, I’m here to find out a bit more information about apnea. I was diagnosed a couple years ago. my cpap is no longer set to my current sleep study needs. Sleep to me is the epitome of a positive outlook. I’m starving for a goodnights sleep

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Welcome @snorebgone :slight_smile:
Thanks for taking the time to post.
Please check out this area on the site:
Let us know what questions you have! Sincerely, CC

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Hello. I am Michael G. Nathans, co-founder and CEO of WhisperSom. My interest is raising awareness of the health danger and high cost of un-treated sleep apnea; coping with CPAP; alternative diagnosis and treatment options; and the “sleep divorce” that can be avoided from loud snoring.

Fortunately, my personal sleep routine is good, as far as I know. This said, I am about to get a 5 night baseline with an HST. Fingers crossed for no or low AHI.

Sleep is grace.


Hello. My name is Dave.

What brings you to our community?

I got an email invitation. Prior to that I did not know about the community.

Tell us about your current sleep

I have been diagnosed with both OSA and CSA. I have been on CPAP, BIPAP, and now Auto Adaptive (pseudo ventilator) PAP for at least seven years. There is no way I could get any sleep at all (my initial titration showed an arousal every 90 seconds all night long) without my machine. I wear it all night long and whenever I take a nap. Right now, I’m struggling with mask leaks. I use a Quatro, full-face with Pad-a-Cheek liners. I’m looking at other masks and liners. Lately, I’ve been in bed between nine and twelve hours.

Sleep is . . . not as easy as it sounds. “Did you sleep well?” “No, I screwed it up several times.”


Hello, I’m Lisa

I’m 47, I was diagnose with sever OSA in 2009. I’ve had 3 surgeries and 6 sleep studies. I am currently on cpap and seeing a new doctor who is sending me in for my 7th study.

What brings you to our community? I received an invite by email and I want to connect to others like me.

Tell us about your current sleeproutine? I can’t wait to go to sleep and pray that I will feel better tomorrow. I have moderate sleep apnea and am currently on cpap

Finish this sentence: “Sleep that is good is something so rare. Waking up with headaches and extreme exhaustion is not."

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Hi folks, My name is Don and I have had OSA over 20 years and have been on a CPAP for 16 yrs. I don’t sleep without it! Even napping. Mine is not to bad as my pressure is only 8 psi. Greatest thing to be on it. I spent 30 yrs. as a firefighter and full night sleep was rare. I started on a machine right as I retired and it been great , no more change rooms because snored and keep my wife awake! I have used different machines and masks over the years. The improvement is great. Quieter, smaller and adjustable to your needs is great. I am available to answer questions if needed so don’t be afraid ask!


My name is Rachel, also known as Sleepy American. Having Narcolepsy w/ Cataplexy and Fibromyalgia, I advocate for all persons with Invisible Disabilities. It’s most important to have a fellow veteran like myself, to guide and support the newly diagnosed person. This is the time Narcolepsy Newbies feel most vulnerable. Over a decade of youtube Awareness, Educational, Advocacy, and Personal Accounts on YouTube and Facebook, I strive to bring ‘America’s Forgotten’ (Persons with invisible disabilities) to light.

All society knows is that Narcolepsy is just a blissful nap land. Somebody killed himself , several Homeless, many thought jokes, lazy nobodies on drugs!

being a sleepy toddler Mom is harder than imagined. Sleep is Life, Life is Sleep.


Hats off and thank you, don.arata! You can help so many people!

A friend from my past had Narcolepsy. Downright scary. Yes, your input can help so many.

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Hello, My name is Eve. I was told I have sleep apnea and COPD. I was put on one machine which did not work for me. I had two more tests in the hospital and put on a ResMed AirCurve 10 ASV machine. I have not seen the doctor since I have been using the machine. I am new at this so please help me know what to do so that I can contribute.

Perhaps relate how your set up is working for you. If you feel unsure about anything feel free to ask a question.

Thank you! I thought this machine was suppose to help control the times that I stop breathing. Am I wrong?

Hi my name is Ronnie and I just got the call today that I have sleep apnea and now have a second study to sleep with a cpap machine. In always ti
red I have had sleep problems my whole life waking up eating never dreaming…now at 36 in taking control of my health.