Introduce Yourself

Hello my name is Alan Parker and I am a registered respiratory therapist and soon will also be a registered polysomnographic technologist. I have worked for several years in sleep medicine and enjoy helping patients with issues and troubleshooting to solve these issues.

I have moderate obstructive sleep apnea while sleeping on my back and I currently use positional therapy to treat it, but will navigate to CPAP to treat it as my shoulders and back are feeling the effects of sleeping on my side and stomach.

Sleep is essential and is one of the single most important things we do beyond eating and breathing. It is crucial that receive enough sleep nightly to be able to have quality of life including, but not limited to having energy, thriving, being mentally capable, controlling emotions, etc… It is unbelievable how much sleep dysfunction occurs. Hopefully as a community we can help to educate one another to treat and eliminate sleep issues and help our society to be better as a whole.

Hi, I’m Dave with a hint of sarcasm.

I’m interested in gaining knowledge in my rather unique Overlap Syndrome. I’ve been on ASV successful for over 2 years, but COPD seems to be on the increase a bit.

I’m a member on another Apnea forum, I learn how to and why I need to have changed my settings, and I’ve done it successfully. Until recently that is. I want to learn about this Overlap Syndrome, which device to beat it into submission with, optimize my own settings, and enjoy sleeping with a low number of apnea events again.

Sleep is wonderful when your alien octopus delivers the best apnea therapy it is capable of delivering.

That is correct on IPAP and EPAP, as EPAP is lower of the 2. This allows you to exhale under less pressure more easily.

Thanks Dave. I am currently trying to make my decision to stay on BiPap or give it up. My doctor seems to be absolutely clueless and my supplier…well, I am pretty sure that I could stop somebody on the street and get a more educated answer than I get from them.

I am so tired every day. I have a lot more issues and just found out I have even more. So, I have an appointment with my primary care doctor Wednesday. I have a copy of my sleep study, he has all my brain aneurysm and stroke information and I now have an updated pulmonary function test and my low dose CT scan results. I am just going to throw it all in a pile with my ever increasing AHI chart and let him explain to me why I should continue. I snore but not loud enough to bother anybody and I don’t even snore every night. My sleep doctor doesn’t even care that I am still snoring.

I am just so exhausted every day and my sleep doctor has no answer other than give me a stimulant for daytime sleepiness. I am thinking if I wasn’t up half the night fighting my mask and trying to sleep I might not be as tired when I get up. I wasn’t this tired before sleep apnea.

I’ve kinda been there too, just swap your other medicals for mine. I was actually better off without BPAP than on it, but that’s because of my high tendency to have central apnea.

I can’t make you do anything, but I’d keep at that xPAP therapy. If you want the free advice, I’d suggest you read the sleep data and making your own setting edits with data knowledge to help make it work better. I’d even go as far as telling you How and Why on that.

I really don’t like seeing anybody on any xPAP fail. Yes I know the reality is there’s a select few that were diagnosed with apnea and no xPAP of any variety can help. It’s very rare and your undiagnosed AHI would have been very low anyway.