Interested in hearing reactions of persons using Oracle452 Oral Mask

I have been using DreamWear Sleep Apnea Mask (and before that Nose Pillows) but I have developed severe inflammation to my sinus and have essentially lost my sense of smell and taste so I am now about to try the
Oracle452 Oral Mask which delivers air pressure through the mouth.

Any tips on using this device would be greatly appreciated. Setting for best pressure and other information and encouragement. Thank you for any help you can give.

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This is one of the few mask options I have not yet encountered as a sleep technologist. I hope you will keep up posted on how it goes!

I can offer only these two items, but I hope they can answer any questions you might have:

PDF - user instructions™-user-instructions

PDF - disinfection instructions

Tamara, thank you for your information. I did not have great success with the Oracle452 Oral Mask which I tried recently.

My background: I was diagnosed in mid-2014 with a severe AHI of 106.

I have used many masks and have most recently been using the DreamWare Apnea Mask (and previously nose pillows) which effectively controlled my
AHI to a very good average of 1.2 to 4.5 AHI events on any given night.

My issues were the severe side effects including loss of smell and taste, inflamed sinus areas and nose, morning nausea, excessive burping and loss of energy big time.

I hoped by using the Oracle452 Oral device I would lose some of these symptoms since I was no longer have air blowing up my nose
(we had reduced the pressure to 11 which did help some).

However, the Oracle could not keep my AHI at an acceptable level - (it was 37.7 after just over an hour of use).

I read many reviews by persons who had used it and all those who were mouth breathers said it was a good solution for them while others
did not like it.

I am back to the DreamWare for the present and may ask the doctor to prescribe an even more reduced pressure.

I am also looking into the Winx as a possible solution. You can learn about it at:

I will speak to my sleep doctor about the Winx system at my next appointment.

I am hopeful one day to find a way to control my sleep apnea but without some of the difficult side effects that occur
with most current Apena devices.

Priscilla “Dianne” Timmerman
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I totally respect your perseverance in treating CPAP, and wish you good luck as you keep testing solutions. The Winx is an interesting alternative that I have also not seen in use, but it could also be the right thing for you, too.

It might also be encouraging to learn that they are starting to figure out more of the mechanisms behind sleep apnea from a neuroscience angle, and this promises new and better treatments in the future. These are interesting times in healthcare because of all this great new research into the brain, and I do hope that you will see (and enjoy) the fruits of those labors.

Tamara, in a couple of weeks, I am meeting with my “Sleep Doctor” to see about a prescription for the Winx. Since it is a money back guarantee, I want to give it a shot.

Since it is based on whole different principle of dealing with Sleep Apnea - Oral Pressure Therapy - I am hoping it works and I no longer have the
many side effects I am experiencing with my current C-Pap system.

I will let you know how it goes. Dianne

Priscilla Dianne Timmerman

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Good luck Priscilla! I look forward to hearing how it goes for you!

Tamara, I wanted to update you on my quest to deal with with the many side effects of my sleep apnea. Last week I had a video appointment with one of the
Sleep Doctors (Scott Cologne, M.D. who practices in San Diego, CA); he consults with and for Winx (

I liked him a lot. After hearing my apnea story he agreed with my local sleep doctor that the Winx system would not work for me because of the severity of my
apnea (AHI=106).

He did mention the B-PAP machine and wondered if it might help since the pressure issue from my C-PAP seems to be the culprit behind many of my annoyances - inflamed sinus, diminished sense of taste and smell, morning nausea, fatigue, etc.

I am going to discuss this with my local doctor at my next appointment.

I am also going to ask him if the C-PAP pressure which is currently set at 11 can be lowered any further (it was set at 14 and lowering it to 11 has helped

Are you familiar with the B-PAP? What do you think of it?

I am getting more resigned to thinking that the DreamWear is my “go-to” choice for sleep apnea at this time
and that I will have to just live with the side effects.

Thanks for any input you have.


Priscilla Dianne Timmerman
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Thanks so much for the update!

Good information here, we appreciate you sharing it with us.

Yes, having a higher AHI likely knocks Winx out as an option. Sorry to hear that.

However, B-PAP is a really good alternative to CPAP. Instead of having just 1 pressure that you inhale with and exhale against, you have a higher pressure for the inhale and a lower pressure for the exhale. These pressures are dynamically set by special modes in the machine based on the timing of your breathing patterns. It can create a very customized therapy for the user.

My feeling is that B-PAP is a good option and definitely worth a shot. I saw a lot of patients in the lab who did far better on CPAP when they struggled with side effects. With your higher AHI, it makes sense, as well.

Keep us posted once you get your new therapy and let us know how it goes, okay? Best wishes,


Hi Tamara, I saw my Sleep Doctor yesterday and he did not think the B-Pap would be helpful in my case.

I asked him if he would consider lowering my pressure again. He said he might consider lowering it from 11 to 10
after he looks at my latest printout.

Lowering from 14 to 11 this last last month, has certainly helped but, of course, I wouldn’t mind even better results.

I did have an appointment with Stanford Sleep Center in late April for a second opinion (my sleep doctor made the referral last
month) but after seeing him yesterday, I thought I was going to cancel since I’m no longer exploring the Winx as an option.

Now I wonder if I should keep the appointment and ask for a test of on a B-PAP to see how my AHI would be with it.

If I changed to B-PAP I would still have to see if it would lessen some of my many side effects
especially my inflamed sinus and reduced sense of taste and smell.

Now I am torn again about what to do!!!

Thoughts??? Thanks. Dianne

Priscilla “Dianne” Timmerman
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A second opinion is never a bad idea. Also, trialing B-PAP is the only way you will really know if it will help you. That said, so much of this depends upon what hoops insurance requires you and your doctor to jump through. I would follow my instincts in any event, and always feel that more information is better than not enough.

Thanks. I’ll keep you informed. Dianne

Priscilla Dianne Timmerman
Fax: 805-237-1722
Cell: 805-423-7543

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