Insurance compliance, and multiple CPAP machines

So long story short, I finally sprung for my own travel CPAP that would run on 12v as the Resmed runs on inverted to 24v DC power, whcih would mean more power loss just getting power to it, and thus requiring larger / much more expensive batteries to run overnight. Anyway I digress…

My at home / insurance paid for CPAP is a Resmed AirSense 10.
My travel CPAP is a Z2 Standard travel CPAP with 12v DC power cord. There is no humidifier but rather a heat / humidity recirculator built in, seems to work okay so far…

My concerns are, if I can get to this point, and I am making every effort to do so, my wife and I will start travelling every weekend as possible / feasable, so I will be using the travel CPAP for at least 8 days / month, if not more.

Would this cause any sort of issue with insurance compliance with therapy or can I get them the report from BOTH machines to show that I am using therapy every single night physically possible?

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