Insurance compliance, and multiple CPAP machines

So long story short, I finally sprung for my own travel CPAP that would run on 12v as the Resmed runs on inverted to 24v DC power, whcih would mean more power loss just getting power to it, and thus requiring larger / much more expensive batteries to run overnight. Anyway I digress…

My at home / insurance paid for CPAP is a Resmed AirSense 10.
My travel CPAP is a Z2 Standard travel CPAP with 12v DC power cord. There is no humidifier but rather a heat / humidity recirculator built in, seems to work okay so far…

My concerns are, if I can get to this point, and I am making every effort to do so, my wife and I will start travelling every weekend as possible / feasable, so I will be using the travel CPAP for at least 8 days / month, if not more.

Would this cause any sort of issue with insurance compliance with therapy or can I get them the report from BOTH machines to show that I am using therapy every single night physically possible?

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I’m thinking you’d have to choose one machine only for insurance to cover supply expenses. If it were myself, I’d choose to let them cover the machine supplies that has more expensive items.

Well changes to my insurance after open enrollment this year mean I will be self paying for much if not all of my apnea supplies for the forseeable future. I had a good amount left over on my FSA, so I went ahead and got my supplies in advance for next year while was running specials on most notably the mask cushions…

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That’s probably the best in the situation. Note that supplies do not need to be replaced if they’ve not broken or wore out. I don’t follow DME or manufacturer suggested replace times, except the 3 cent air filter. I try to wash the parts weekly and keep using till it’s not feasible.

Same method here. Although the mask cushions seem to need to be replaced more frequently than I do…

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My ResMed AirFit silicone F20 good for at least 6 months. I change out when sealing becomes an issue.

I have had them last 6 months, and the one I am using now has been in place less than a month and it is already leaking… It all varies.

Typically I get 4-6 months from them. I did get 1 year out of 1 set before it started leaking…

I’m over 2 years on a ResMed heated hose for my ASV if I’m remembering correct. My humidifier tub gets replaced about 9 months intervals, not from leaks but a bit of mineral residue that accumulates. I don’t bother with distilled water. If I can drink it, I can breathe it too. :slight_smile:

I’ve been on CPAP now for I am guessing probably 7 years. I am on my 3rd hose, and one of them I left behind accidentally in the hospital when I was staying with a terminal relative…

Did your insurance entirely pay for you at home machine or is still in the “rental to own” mode with some time to go?

If it is the first, then usage reporting doesn’t matter, the second it likely does. In the second case, call your insurance company, explain what is going on and ask them what reports they need. My insurance company after an initial hassle with the DME who wanted to drag things out, just paid the whole cost, not 4 hours per day for 90 days or anything like that. Yours may be different so just call and ask. Do not expect your DME to give you the correct answer to this type of question.

My insurance paid out entirely for the machine at home. The travel CPAP was paid for by me out of my FSA. We had anticipated a medical expense that did not come about this year, and I needed to spend the $$ before I lost it.