Insomnia | Is it linked to stress/ depression?

Insomnia is serious sleep disorder that is characterized as sleep deprivation, Inability to sleep at night or difficulty in falling asleep once you wake up at night.

My cousin is facing the same situation. We are having prescribed medication also but they don’t seems effective in his case. As sleep deprivation results in lack of concentration, mental stress, confusion. My question is does this disorder directly links to anxiety or stress or to depression?

What should we do to treat this disorder?

You can look online to get an idea of the alternatives available but I always recommend speaking with your doctor about what is best for you.

Thanks for your suggestion!

Great post! I learned a lot from reading the information listed. It is indeed a worse scenario if a person does not have a complete sleep. There’s a lot of tendencies that might happen and it is scary just thinking about it. Sleeplessness really affects our lives and it is important to take good care of our body at all times. I hope that there are other tips which can help those people who are encouring this kind of illnesses.

There is quite a bit of information here on the website under the Learn and Get Help links including Tips for better sleep health just click this link: